The Top Inbound Marketing Predictions for 2016

Welcome to the New Year!

So that you can get off to a flying start in 2016, we’ve hand picked a selection of blog articles focused on the trends and marketing predictions for the year ahead. As usual, we’ve done the digging so you can sit back and learn.

Nothing ever stands still in the world of SEO, and as new Google updates roll-out we all need to stay up with the play. Let the experts get you up to speed in the first 3 posts. Their predictions touch on a range of areas, many that you could try implementing into your tactics for the year.

Following that you’ll be into the Content Marketing posts. Content Marketing has been heavily discussed in the last few years and the trend continues. However it is time to stop paying lip service to content, roll up the sleeves and actually start producing. And in a strategic way. It’s not just about pumping out post after post on your blog and these articles talk about some of the actions you can take.

We then widen the scope a bit and present a series of general marketing posts. Predictions, trends, marketer’s favourite tools – you’ll find them all here, plus some B2B predictions too.

Lastly, we come back to Social Media – how could we leave that out! Find out what the experts think is important for the year ahead and ponder whether your social media strategy is still up to date, or in need of a 2016 refresh.

Click on the titles to read the posts and enjoy!

Summertime 2016

Enjoying the Kiwi Summer. Best Wishes for 2016.


10 Predictions for 2016 in SEO & Web Marketing

Rand Fishkin from MOZ offers up his top 10 predictions for 2016, plus you can check in with how accurate he was last year with his 2015 predictions.

My prediction is that, on average, across Google’s billions of daily searches, even accounting for searches that generate multiple clicks, less than 70% of searches result in at least one click on an organic result.

Three simple resolutions on how to do better SEO in 2016

As you may well know, SEO is a complex topic and there are a huge array of ranking factors. Josh McCoy has kept it simple in this post and he focuses on 3 pillars of SEO for 2016: content, link earning and the ‘experience’. Success is often about gaining clarity and focus and you’ll find that here.

SEO trends in 2016: What do the experts predict?

Integrated SEO, changes in the look of page one google results, penguin becoming real-time, schema going from strength to strength…..these predictions will get you thinking about how you ensure your brand stays near the top of search results during 2016 and beyond.

Google’s Penguin algorithm is likely to also create a fair amount of chatter in early 2016 – so brace yourselves!

Content Marketing:

How An Integrated Approach Can Help You Become Content Marketing Royalty in 2016

In this post from, Ashley Zeckman argues that the key to becoming content royalty in 2016 is taking an integrated approach to content marketing, or a “content plus” model. In other words, you produce your content but you integrate it with your SEO, your social, your influencers, and your online advertising.

21 Content Marketing Predictions for 2016

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