The mega list of 100 ideas and topics to make your blog sizzle

This post came to life as a result of me asking our clients this question.

What can we do to help you to create regular content for your blog?

What is it that is holding you back?

Ideas and topics for blogs


I have taken the liberty here and assumed you have a blog strategy in place and defined parameters about why you blog. If not, you may want to start here for some guidance.

I’ve seen so many times where enthusiasm runs high for a blogging platform and this is to be encouraged. But when the initial enthusiasm dies down and businesses get busy, the blog is always the first thing to suffer.

Before you know it several months have gone by, motivation has gone into decline, you’ve nothing fresh on your site and the only thing showing on the blog is the welcome post or something you wrote about five months ago.

Visitors won’t come back to a tired website when there is nothing new to read

This is what your visitors want to see:

  • What your business does and how well you do it
  • Who the people are in your business and who specialises in what areas
  • What experience and expertise you are offering
  • What others are saying about you (testimonials)
  • Interaction / engagement with your customers
  • The latest information on your products/industry /services
  • How your products or services would benefit your customers/prospects
  • What makes you better than your competitors
  • A reason or incentive why your customers should spend their hard-earned cash with you
  • Your unique selling point – what makes you different

Blogging is fun, it inspires you and others around you, it attracts visitors to your site, adds value to your customers, sharpens your focus and it actually makes you really and truly understand your business. It establishes you as an authority and creates better relationships with your customers.

The answers to my questions at the beginning of this post revealed primarily these responses: [Continue reading]


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