Guess What! Google Hates Your New Business Website And Will Never Rank It!


I get a phone call today from a telemarketer who asks me first if I am a representative of High Profile Enterprises!

This will be interesting I think…

“Do you have a website Sir?”

I tell him “We would be a pretty unusual search engine optimization and social media management company if we didn’t – don’t you think?”

Anyway this is not intended to knock telemarketers at all – we employ them to reach businesses that are not online.

search engine optimization liesApparently the company he represents has built 2,000 websites for businesses…

“Cool, send me your portfolio – we are always looking for talented web designers to recommend”

Email arrives…

Damn I think! Flash based websites!


Hi Sam,

Thanks for this information!

As I said we are a search engine optimization and social media management company and I was interested to see what your design work is like. I often get asked for web design referrals!

What I see are Flash based websites… tell me that isn’t so?

Flash is virtually invisible in the search engines – look at your page source – there is very little the search engine spiders can read!

I was also interested to read that you value keyword research and SEO to get your site to the top of 40 search engines including Google at $100.

I almost fell off my chair!

If you ever need any SEO advice don’t hesitate to contact me. Mind you we don’t promise to get flash based sites to the top of the search engines for your chosen keyword for $100! ๐Ÿ™‚

All the best



So, in essence what we have here is a company which is selling fully search engine optimized websites for $799 promising top Google placement for a keyword of your choice, and they have lots of nice little audio touches and lots of cool visuals where things move and look amazing…

And the websites are almost invisible to the search engines!

Is this criminal?

No, but it should be!

I recently had an inquiry from a woman I met via a business group we are members of. She asked me to take a look at her website because there didn’t seem to be any growth in her online sales or interaction via her website.

I had a look and sure enough the readable code in the site was about four lines per page!

The images and funky effects were awesome to a human viewer but the actual visibility to the search engines was almost zero!

Here’s the thing…

Google is looking for quality websites to send their customers to.

Who are their customers?

Anyone who types a search into the searchbar on Google.

Why does the quality of the website matter?

Because Google’s sole reason for becoming the biggest search engine in the world is that it continually finds ways to improve the relevance of the results for any search – meaning that the better quality the website is and the more relevant information on the site the more likely the experience will be satisfactory.

Does anyone remember the early days of search where you almost always got completely irrelevant answers to any query?

Anyway what this all means is a website with very little information, with no page rank, with nothing ofย  interest (in the Googlebot eyes) will be ignored! Join the zero search engine visibility club!

What you will need to compete in this fast-moving environment is first of all a website that is at least visible to the search engine spiders. And it needs to have a lot of content on it! But that is just the beginning.

You will also need to identify keywords that are realistically attainable but which have a good amount of quality, targeted traffic. This is the second big complaint from me about companies that tell their customers they have created for them fully search engine optimized websites…

Meta titles and descriptions which are loaded with general random industry related keywords hoping to garner search engine attention are a complete waste of time. And telling your client they will have front page results for a keyword with 250 million competing pages without a comprehensive SEO campaign is plain dishonest!

What does the SEO campaign involve?

Generating inbound keyword loaded anchor links over a consistent period from a multitude of various platforms and formats in a comprehensive campaign to establish authority in your website’s niche…

And gaining the respect of the most powerful sites online via interaction…

Plus a formidable social media presence!

And these guys are promising these results for $100 – as an add-on to a $799 website!

The truly scary thing is that there are many companies out there who are offering “too good to be true” deals to new clients who are expecting huge results based around the 2 billion Internet users promise. Thousands of visitors daily! Targeted buyers by the busload! Explode your sales with a fully optimized traffic magnet website!

Absolute bullshit!

If you are not thinking about your website and your social media campaign as being an intrinsic element of your marketing and advertising strategy then you are seriously misled.

What really annoys me is the number of people who are graduating with web design qualifications who are doomed to create cool looking, shockingly inept websites.

Am I being too harsh?

Why are you buying a new business website? What are you hoping to achieve with the new website?

Possibly new customers or clients, possibly business growth, possibly a better representation of your brand, probably all of the above!

Will you get any of these real benefits from these web design companies?

In a word NO!


Be warned!

If you are about to sign up for a new website I am very happy to take a look at the websites your design company has created and give you a yes or no on whether you are going to have a website that at least has the potential to be found in the search results.

And I mean that!

About Mike Morgan
Mike Morgan works with innovative businesses in New Zealand and Australia developing custom web marketing strategies integrating SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media Optimisation. When not in front of his screens you will probably find Mike walking on beautiful Ohope Beach with wife Midge and doberman Cooper. Follow Mike on Twitter here and


  1. Ha ha, I love it – you tell it like it is, I can confidently say we develop search optimized sites – but what a truly search optimised site means is one that is designed with the buyer behaviour in mind. It doesn’t mean Flash, it may not be pretty, and it doesn’t mean a site that just has unique title tags for each page (alone).
    Like you, I’m amazed that a) people have the gumption (is that a word?) to sell such a thing for a bargain basement price, and that b) people will buy (into) it…..

    • Hi Sandra,
      Great to meet a web designer/developer who takes SEO into account. What is up with these people who peddle these funky/ cool sites saying they are search engine optimized when surely they know the chances of being found in search for anything other than the business name is nil? I feel for business owners who have shelled out five figure sums for websites that will never perform in search results – we need to “out” a few of these companies!
      When we look at your point (b) people buy into it because they are not up with the play in SEO. And why should they be? This is a theoretical science which shifts daily! You assume that your chartered accountant knows what they are doing, so you will assume that a web developer will know what they are doing also…
      I appreciate your comment!
      All the best

  2. I had a friend some years back who was positive flash based websites were the next big thing, and was starting a website design business around that idea. No surprise it didn’t last.

    Flash is kind of interesting for some uses, but not for most serious online businesses. Stick to HTML and pay attention to what your visitors and search engines will like. Results tend to be much better that way.

    • Hi Stephanie,
      Thanks for your input. What is disturbing to me is that designers using Flash today tell their clients that they will have a search engine optimized website! Because it is a buzzword – and because it makes them sound knowledgeable!
      All the best

  3. It really is not about gritty graphics but the content and the off site links that you have painstakingly search for. Now atleast I can show this site to my web designer friend who always show off with his flash designs..

    • Hi Jennifer,
      I have only found one reason why you could want a Flash based website – if your brand is already so well known that it is all about people typing in your name and being impressed with the bells and whistles when they click through to the site. If being found through search for phrases other than your name is not important to you then sure Flash looks cool!
      Thanks for the visit

  4. If Google doesn’t like your website, he will just pass? Wow, and if the website is questionable, he will kick it out also.

    • Yes, that pretty much sums it all up. There are a number of quality factors that the Google Bot is looking for and if it does not find these – sorry no room for your website here.
      So you have to play by Google’s rules – it’s their ball!
      Thanks for visiting.
      All the best

  5. We should avoid these kind of “promotions”.
    I know people who bought SEO services and are raking way worse than my sites.
    I never paid anything, just worked hard, really hard by my own.
    Google knows everything. It seens “they” are watching every step we take.
    Great post Mike.

    • Nice one Luis,
      You have nailed a few of the common misconceptions – Occasionally I see some really odd attitudes around SEO – either fear from business owners that it is all a bit of a con or even worse the attitude from Black Hat SEO people that everyone else has it wrong and if you send a million spam comments this is the best way to help businesses. Thanks for visiting Luis.

  6. Great post. I get those same types of emails constantly and it’s frustrating that all of these companies are offering impossibly guaranteed rankings at ridiculous prices yet to the non-savy website owner it seems like a great deal.

    I do a bit of web design myself and it’s often hard convincing customers not to go with a flashy flash site. What’s effective for SEO as well as customer acquisition is almost always simple and straightforward.

    • Hi,
      I would have preferred a name rather than just Effective Site Marketing ๐Ÿ˜‰ (SEO can be friendly)
      You are right though – I am absolutely horrified by the promises of web traffic riches from Flash web designers.

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