Weekend Wrap 3 – SEO Site Audits, Bad Google, Scrapers, Social Ecommerce

This week we found some astonishing data about the huge gap between paid and organic clicks, Google behaving badly (again), how to prevent people stealing your content and what to do about it when they do, why you should be thinking about your audience as five year olds and much more.

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Photograph this week is our doberman Cooper on Muriwai Beach, West Coast, New Zealand – one of our favourite daily walks.

SEO /Search Engine Optimisation

PPC accounts for just 6% of total search clicks [infographic]

You could be very surprised at the results this infographic reveals involving 28 million people in the UK  (June 2012 research) which shows stats for paid vs. organic search!  Very interesting… particularly around gender and age… worth a look!  Figures like this show just how important SEO is – Adwords consultants will disagree I’m sure!

How to Conduct a Technical SEO Site Audit

In our Weekend Wrap #1 we gave you ‘How to conduct an On Page SEO Audit’ – you can now advance to the next step and conduct a Technical Site Audit with this thorough post which includes a checklist of items to watch for.  Bear in mind, if the pages on your site can’t be crawled, then they definitely can’t be indexed by search engines.

Rank Modifying Spammers

Aaron Wall exposes more tricky (bad) behaviour by Google!  Is Google toying with you before sending your site plummeting to the target rank?  Are there any webmasters still under the illusion that Google is the SEO’s friend or has that club diminished to zero?  Read on…

Google Is Smarter Than You

This post cautions SEOs as to how they should view Google’s changes and to think deeply about how they deploy their decisions.  Why?  Because Google is smarter than most of you…. (read the interesting comments)

Social Media and Content Marketing

How to Keep Scrapers from Ruining Your Content Strategy

If your content is getting stolen you could think of it as a compliment… but, if the scrapers outrank you with your original post and steal your traffic, how would you feel then?  In this enlightening post Neil Patel gives you 8 steps on how to stop people from stealing your content…

Why You Should be Talking to Five Year Olds

Delightful post using five year olds as a mental metaphor for your audience.  This is good business advice you can apply to social media on how to grab your customers’ attention, what motivates them and how to find the hook!

Probably the Smartest Thread You’ll Read on (Social) E-Commerce…

Tons of intelligent insights on ecommerce here – including 117 comments from industry thought leaders.  An absolute must read if  you’re a business, brand, entrepreneur, social or otherwise.  And if you’re pushed for time there’s even a speed summary of key takeaways.

How to create a company page on LinkedIn

Smart people use LinkedIn very successfully as part of their integrated marketing strategy.  Before you do anything the most important step is to get your company page set up and working property – it’s definitely worth it.  Here is an easy guide showing you how it’s done.

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  1. Thanks for putting this together. I’ve read through several articles both from a business development standpoint and from a developer’s standpoint. I thought there was a lot of great, quality information here.

    I especially enjoyed the social e-commerce discussion as that’s one of the services my company offers and the topics about Google misbehaving because we’re becoming increasingly convinced that trying to rank and get traffic through Google may be a dying cause.

    • Glad you are enjoying the Weekend Wrap and all the good information these authority bloggers are sharing with us all.
      Great way to further your online education.
      Thanks for your comment – much appreciated.

    • Great to hear you are enjoying the Weekend Wrap and the information these authority bloggers are sharing.
      I see these sites are extremely valuable in the furthering of online education and a great portal to keep us all up to date.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Wow, you must get up early to walk your dog – I’ve never seen Muriwai this quiet!

    Anyway – interesting post about Google being smarter – and the responses. I tell people all the time that that Google is smarter than most people. And almost always smarter than the very people who think they are smarter than Google. Sadly, it is also true that Google can take a long time to make changes, and so the “I’m smarter than Google” brigade are rewarded for a short time. I think someone made the comment to stop thinking about SEO and start thinking about marketing and you’ll be on the right track.

    With my Adwords hat on now, click through rates can be quite low but not if you focus your campaign on the keywords that are relevant to your offer. And even if your average IS around this level – they will be qualified leads, whereas organic search that can be quite a bit more variable, and relate to searches by people earlier in the buying process. I recommend people do both, but definitely SEO for the long haul.

    I still think people are missing something when talking about most commerce going online, but will let that thought sit for a bit longer (maybe a blog post one day!)

    As always, love your work!

    • Hi Sandra,

      The photo was actually taken later in the day (when not many people around).
      I’m always surprised at how few people there are on the beach in Winter, it’s the best time I think!
      Appreciate your Adwords Hat comment – I think we agree that a mixture of organic and paid can bring some great results together and individually as there’s value in both and it often depends on many variables as to what strategy is right for the business. Like anything in this crazy arena you need to know what you’re doing to get good results.


  3. Hi Midge,
    Thanks for the wrap up. It is a great list of goodies. Especially the post from Social Media and Content Marketing segment “Why You Should be Talking to Five Year Olds”. I must say it is the best post of the week for me (till now).
    Really marketing is a tough job these days, you need to be always on the go. People are becoming smarter, so as a marketer you’ve to be smartest. You have to asses your consumers individually and give them what they want to hear. It is more like playing with their mind, you have to prove them that you are right and they will certainly feel interested in your offer. That’s how it works.

    • Thanks for stopping by Rowan and taking the time to comment. The post about talking to 5 year olds was my favourite as well.
      Funny how often the more simple things in life have the most impact.
      Glad you are enjoying the Weekend Wrap and getting some value out of it.
      All the best

  4. Good stuff on Weekend Wrap… Content is the core of my marketing strategy.

    • Getting lots of good quality content out on a regular basis is very important for your overall marketing strategy.
      Thanks for your comment.

  5. Thanks, about taking to the five years old it’s very true. My first mistake is that I think everyone thinks like me.

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