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Weekend Wrap 12 – Google Disavow Fallout, SEO Predictions, Facebook Fail

Plenty to keep you informed this week as we look at the inevitable fallout from the recent launch of the Google Disavow Tool, Google sending mixed messages – asking for content for humans while demanding multiple technical considerations purely for search engines, a great case study on content marketing strategy to get 100,000 monthly visitors and an awesome example of how two huge European brands battle it out for a giant share of the auto world!

This week we are looking at a view over Lake Taupo on the 14km walk from the Whakaipo Bay to the small town of Kinloch.
View from Whakaipo Bay Taupo

SEO / Search Engine Optimisation

Yes, it had to happen… already people are uneasy with the potential fallout from Google’s disavow tool. Ever since Penguin was rolled out a number of larger brands have been sending legal threats to those people linking to them if they do not have decent site authority. Now the fear is that large numbers of good quality sites will be disavowed and penalised by Google! It seems that Google would have been better off to just ignore poor quality links rather than punishing them…
This is simply a brilliant slidedeck which explains in detail how to integrate SEO and content marketing in a presentation over 109 slides. Jonathon Colman examines the myths and realities of SEO and discusses editorial calendars, the content lifecycle, metadata, content audits and much more.


A massive amount of valuable info here in an interview with Jonathan Goodman who has just presented at Search Engine Marketing Expo in New York about where search is at, what Google is up to, and where Google is likely to go next. Panda and Penguin, unique content, anchor text, back-links, the disavow tool and more are covered here.
Kristi Hines is one of our favourite bloggers and she really nails it with this post. Everything you need to know and more about how to get the most out of Google Webmaster Tools with screenshots all the way through to help you understand every step.


Have Keywords Stopped Being A Proxy To The Customer?

The technical compliance needs for any website are getting more and more crazy. Matt Cutts has made almost 300 videos to help understand what you can and can not do! This great post looks at how Google is saying create your content for humans, then insists on multiple technical factors for search engines.

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5 SEO tips to get your website right with Google

Like many people you are probably feeling a little confused and overwhelmed by the massive quantity of information and dis-information about search engine optimisation.

Do this, don’t do this, this will get you penalised, this will get you banned, this will bring you thousands of targeted visitors, we can get you the top spot on Google for your keywords, link building services, site audits, Google algorithm updates killing small business and so on and so on!

I feel for you! I really do!

It takes several hours a day to keep up with developments in search, social media and all the various permutations of digital or online marketing and how many of us can find this extra time?

I want to break down some of those barriers!

I want to remove some of the rocket science stuff from search engine optimisation.

And I want to give your business some simple actionable strategies to stay Google Webmaster Guidelines compliant and to improve your business performance online.

First a bit of background (stay with me here…)

Why SEO has just got tougher!

Thanks Google!

Having an understanding of compliance and approved strategies is essential because of Google’s ongoing battle against spam in their results. Google’s Webspam Team (also known as Search Quality Team) has become one of the most important and influential departments at Google.

As technology has got better, faster and smarter so have the spammers and Black Hat SEOs.  The war between Google and Black Hat has really intensified and Google has rolled out multiple updates to the algorithm to deliver killer blows to manipulative techniques.

Let’s face it, the days of creating a free website, buying into some link scheme, using blast software to spam the web and watching the cash roll in while you sleep thanks to the millions of searches on Google are all but over.

The two biggest weapons for Google have been the Panda and Penguin Updates which target different on and off page techniques. There is a ton of info about these updates around so I won’t go into detail about them here apart from saying that Panda attacks poor onsite content, duplication and technical screw-ups whereas Penguin is all about your back-link profile and how it is configured.

And they have been highly effective!

Unfortunately there always seems to be a fair amount of collateral damage associated with each update and because of this there is a lot of extreme ill feeling directed toward the search giant as well. This is understandable – how would it feel to have a 90% drop in sales overnight without any forewarning and often for no real reason?

Not that great I’m sure.

How can you improve your website results?

Complex nature of SEO

5 SEO essentials almost anyone can implement

This is not a definitive list of essential SEO techniques and strategies but if you implement these you will have the foundations for a compliant, healthy website.

Think of this as the start of an ongoing commitment to keeping your site healthy in search. And these concepts are exactly the same if you are a large corporation or a single entrepreneur business.

Number 1 – Correctly setting up 301 redirects

Sorry to start with the technical stuff… but…

This is one that has become more and more critical with each change to the Panda update.
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Weekend Wrap 11 – Google Disavow Tool, Penguin Proof, Genius Marketing!

In the Weekend Wrap this week the big buzz in SEO is about Google’s new Link Disavow tool. We have a great step by step guide but questions remain about Google’s motives for offering this feature and whether you should risk using it. Other featured posts include 10 innovative ideas that have changed marketing forever from Hubspot, Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOmoz, takes a whiteboard session explaining why link building is becoming link earning, an epic post from Ana Hoffman that teaches you how to promote your blog posts like there is no tomorrow and much more.

This week’s photo – a beautiful Clivia Grandiflora in our garden.

Clivia flower

SEO / Search Engine Optimisation

Google Link Disavow Tool: The Complete Guide

The big news in SEO circles this week was the release of the Google Disavow tool. The debate rages about whether the tool is simply a “super snitch” technique so Google can identify and punish spammy sites or whether it really will be used to combat negative SEO. We will watch early data with interest.

Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOmoz takes this Whiteboard Friday and explains why link building for SEO has shifted more toward link earning. As a thought leader in SEO there are not very many people as influential as Rand so it pays to listen to what he has to say.

5 Monthly Website Maintenance Tips for Small Businesses

This post is a great starting point for keeping your website healthy and fresh. I am always surprised (shocked) to see how many people invest a ton of time and money into their site then leave out of date, irrelevant content live on their site. Keep it updated, keep it interesting and keep it technically sound – good tips here.
Really like this post from Jeremy Morgan (no relation? Mike?). He talks about how to make sure your online strategies are not hurting your online business and adds some smart ideas around not being a jerk, not having a potty mouth, admitting that you don’t know everything and a few others that you don’t usually see in SEO advice posts.

Weekend Wrap 10 – The Google Dance, Content Mistakes, SEO Checklist

In the Weekend Wrap this week we look at one of the big recent Google updates which dictates what content should go where on your pages, a look at the return of the infamous “Google Dance” and what it means to your website, common mistakes people make with their content marketing, some of the most successful companies on Twitter and how they do it and a great post which shows common grammatical and spelling errors online (bet you can find some you make!) .

This week’s photo – had a weekend away at beautiful Ohope Beach and the image comes from the town of  Whakatane which is ten minutes away.  The Lady on the Rock – located at the mouth of  Whakatane’s harbour holds cultural significance as the statue represents Wairaka, the woman who inspired the name Whakatane.

The Lady On The Rock

SEO / Search Engine Optimisation

Google Page Layout Algorithm Update Should Be Easier To Recover From

Google makes it very clear that websites with quality text based content above the fold will pick up extra Google love. So if your designer wants to fill the top of the page with a slideshow you know what to say. What Google wants, Google gets…

Deployment SEO Strategy and Checklist

There are so many potential problem areas in SEO. All someone needs to do is change one piece of code and you find out only when impressions or visitor numbers begin to fall. (we have seen cases where developers have accidentally deleted all metadata from a site!) Here is a useful checklist for ongoing auditing of SEO processes.

From Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land this post looks at the return of the Google Dance. Because Google has been so active this year with Pandas, Penguins, EMDs, Page Layouts, Blog Networks and much more there has been a noticeable return of the sort of monthly search volatility that gained the nickname “the Google Dance”.


4 Unmatched Sources To Track Google Algorithm Updates

And while we are all doing the Google Dance it pays to know what tune we are dancing to and what the BPM of the song is. Here are some of the top sources of info on the many changes Google makes on a monthly basis. Check it out.

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Weekend Wrap 9 – Is SEO Dead? Penguin & Panda Updates, Landing Page Infographic

In the Weekend Wrap this week we see how some SEOs grapple with Google’s big recent updates, a humorous infographic that expands on the old cliche that SEO is dead (and what the agenda is for those that are saying this), treating your landing page like a recipe for smart results and some new techniques that show you how to get retweeted more often.

This week’s photo – our two woolly boys – Willie Bobo and Paco waiting to be sheared (shared).

Two male alpacas

SEO / Search Engine Optimisation

Google Penguin Refresh Completes Trilogy of Search Terror for SEOs

Well, what a couple of weeks it has been for Google! First they rolled out the new Exact Match Domain update then a few days later they announced “Oh yeah we ran a major Panda update at the same time…”, then just when everyone was scrambling they rolled out Penguin 3! Hold onto your hats everyone!

Is SEO Dead?  Yes, But Only to Some People…

Love this infographic! Is SEO dead? Has Google’s aggressive update schedule made SEO impossible? Some would have you believe this and this funny post identifies the key protagonists and their errors and agendas. Check it out!

Search quality highlights: 65 changes for August and September

Here is Google’s official version of what changes they have made in the last 2 months – 65 changes mentioned here. It is interesting to note some SEO commentators are finding some quite obvious omissions from this list. Now why would Google not give us the full story? What happened to transparency?

What’s New & Important With Google’s New Webmaster Guidelines

This quick overview of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines changes points out some very interesting additions. One that really stands out is that it is now considered a guidelines breach if you send someone a free product hoping to get a review and a link back to your site. Hang on, isn’t that how PR has worked forever in the offline world?
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