Weekend Wrap 18 – SEO in 2013, loving Panda, social media experts challenged

Everyone wants to know where SEO is heading in 2013 and the first post up this week gives valuable insights from 30 of the industry’s most enlightened SEO thought leaders.

This is followed by a very interesting look at the Mormon SEO strategy! Surprising stuff!

Love Google Panda or hate it – here’s a different point of view on how Panda actually works for us…

A controversial post from Darren Woolley at TrinityP3 that has certainly rattled some social media experts’ cages with its challenging honesty and an insightful interview on content marketing with Kristina Halvoson author of “Content strategy for the web”.

Lots of other great posts in between and we wrap it up with a post from Kissmetrics demonstrating how high conversion websites improve their results.

Photo this week – my favourite flower white hydrangeas hydrangeas in flower


SEO / Search Engine Optimisation

As 2012 draws to a close the race is on to see who can create the definitive offering on what SEO in 2013 will hold. It may be difficult to go past this one – a comprehensive breakdown of what to expect from 30 of the most highly respected SEO thought leaders in the industry. A must read for SEO fans.
Who would have thought that the Mormon Church would have such a highly evolved SEO strategy? In this post Distilled offers a fascinating breakdown on how the church has nailed SEO to rank for phrases like church, scriptures and Jesus Christ. This is really interesting!
A refreshing take on Google’s Panda update on SEOmoz. In this post Ruth Burr goes against the flow on most SEO sites and instead of berating Google as a greedy, controlling monster gives her view on how Panda has improved search experience for everyday users. Not surprising to see the black hats hitting the thumbs down sign as their own sites have all been hit with these updates.

Real Relationships Lead To Search Marketing Success

The 2012 move toward relationship building and away from link building has become a key strategy in SEO. This is covered here on Search Engine Land with real examples of how building a powerful network brings top website results and then shares ways you can become more social and improve your online networking. 


Social media/content marketing:

3 ways to make sure that social media expert is really an expert

From our client TrinityP3 comes this thought provoking post by Darren Woolley. This proved to be a controversial one and it certainly raised the hackles of a number of “social media experts”. Darren expresses dismay at the lack of experience or authority of many presenters at social media events in Australia and offers a 3 step process to check if the speaker has any authority. (check out the comment thread too)
An excellent interview with the author of “Content strategy for the web” – Kristina Halvoson. Great insights into getting clients to embrace new ideas, whether long form content works, processes for testing new content, maintaining content to improve lifetime value and much more.
Jay Baer starts with “41% of respondents to an eConsultancy survey of 1,000 companies and agencies in late 2011 had absolutely no idea of social media’s financial impact.” Sure this is 2011 but I’m sure the current figures are not much better. In this post he shares ways to set up trackable actions and how to factor in correlation. Nice insights.
From Kissmetrics we have this very useful post on what the highest converting websites do to improve conversion rates. This has some great examples of forms, landing page tweaks, and split testing to drive improvements from a few well put together sites that really do walk the talk.


That brings to the end another roundup of what we found to be the best from around the web. Hope you found it useful!


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Til next week

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  1. Thank you once again for the smashing compilation for 2012. I sure hope there would be more smashing highlights for 2013 and for the next years to come. Please keep posting Midge!

  2. Hi Midge! To be honest, I have no idea that Google Panda is awesome or worthy of our adorations, but explaining it as if it was an easy as “123” makes it look lovable. Thanks for sharing one awesome fact to consider this 2013. 🙂

  3. This is like wrapping up the very best of the very best that 2012 has to offer. Not only that, you have also predicted outcomes of the online content marketing for the new year. keep writing great posts Midge!

  4. Hi Midge,
    I always say there is no SEO in new SEO. Now the traditional SEO has been moved out. Link building has finished. The time is to earn links. And no doubt social media going to vital role to play. Social Media is the one the best profile where we can build our authority in our targeted niches.
    We really don’t need to worry about updates including panda, penguin etc. We have to inculcate that how can we beat our competitors sites with our powerful content which also helps to include our social media channels.
    So we need to think user prospective and develop the content and market them as we can……………..


  5. Everyone is scared of panda update but i am glad that it has very little effect on my blog. I am using Yoast SEO tool and it working very nice for me till now. Great post, keep writing.

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