How TrinityP3 achieved 200,000 website visitors (and how you can too)

This article was first published on the TrinityP3 blog in Feburary 2017. TrinityP3 are Australia’s leading Strategic Marketing Management Consultants with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Singapore, Hong Kong and London. They assist marketers, advertisers and procurement with agency search and selection, supplier alignment, media buying benchmarking, stakeholder and supplier relationship management, remuneration modeling, process optimisation, environmental policy alignment and much more.

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2016 was a big year for TrinityP3. And this was reflected in Google Analytics results.

For the first time in 2016 we had more than 200,000 visitors to the TrinityP3 website. And this is a remarkable achievement for a business and website that focuses on topics that most people outside of the advertising and marketing industry are not aware of.

Who would be aware that there is a very necessary role in managing the relationships, remuneration, alignment, processes, rosters and structures of major businesses and organisations and their advertising agencies?

Yet, the content that has been published on the TrinityP3 blog has reached a significant number of people around the world.

TrinityP3 is in the process of transitioning from an Australia-centric approach to a global business. TrinityP3 Australia is now joined by major initiatives in London, New York and Singapore.

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How did we get to the 200K visitors mark?

I have published a couple of posts that have detailed our strategy and results, first with this post in 2013 which examines ROI mapped to web traffic growth and then with this comprehensive review of analytics, revenue results and a full strategy in 2015.

In this post I will revisit the strategy, will explain some bumps in the road and will talk about what happens next.

To begin with, let’s look at what the primary drivers are for growth

Here is a breakdown of channels and how valuable they are as visitor sources:

TrinityP3 channels

This makes it very clear that organic search is the dominant channel. Google organic search accounts for 67.8% so Bing, Yahoo and other search engines barely feature.

Direct are people who already know the site, some “dark social” traffic, visitors where links have been shared in emails and some untracked or undisclosed search traffic.

Social media brought just under 10% and referral, email and others make up the balance.

Why does organic search feature so strongly?

We have developed and implemented an inbound marketing strategy that was first launched in early 2011. The strategy has been reviewed and adjusted regularly as requirements and best practice change extremely quickly in this space.

Google alone was making more than 400 changes to its algorithm and policies each year and these were all documented up until relatively recently where they moved to a strategy of only announcing major changes.

Social platforms have also made major changes and new platforms have arrived and some of these have stayed the distance (others not so much).

The TrinityP3 inbound marketing strategy has four primary pillars: [Read more…]