How TrinityP3 achieved 200,000 website visitors (and how you can too)

This article was first published on the TrinityP3 blog in Feburary 2017. TrinityP3 are Australia’s leading Strategic Marketing Management Consultants with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Singapore, Hong Kong and London. They assist marketers, advertisers and procurement with agency search and selection, supplier alignment, media buying benchmarking, stakeholder and supplier relationship management, remuneration modeling, process optimisation, environmental policy alignment and much more.

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2016 was a big year for TrinityP3. And this was reflected in Google Analytics results.

For the first time in 2016 we had more than 200,000 visitors to the TrinityP3 website. And this is a remarkable achievement for a business and website that focuses on topics that most people outside of the advertising and marketing industry are not aware of.

Who would be aware that there is a very necessary role in managing the relationships, remuneration, alignment, processes, rosters and structures of major businesses and organisations and their advertising agencies?

Yet, the content that has been published on the TrinityP3 blog has reached a significant number of people around the world.

TrinityP3 is in the process of transitioning from an Australia-centric approach to a global business. TrinityP3 Australia is now joined by major initiatives in London, New York and Singapore.

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How did we get to the 200K visitors mark?

I have published a couple of posts that have detailed our strategy and results, first with this post in 2013 which examines ROI mapped to web traffic growth and then with this comprehensive review of analytics, revenue results and a full strategy in 2015.

In this post I will revisit the strategy, will explain some bumps in the road and will talk about what happens next.

To begin with, let’s look at what the primary drivers are for growth

Here is a breakdown of channels and how valuable they are as visitor sources:

TrinityP3 channels

This makes it very clear that organic search is the dominant channel. Google organic search accounts for 67.8% so Bing, Yahoo and other search engines barely feature.

Direct are people who already know the site, some “dark social” traffic, visitors where links have been shared in emails and some untracked or undisclosed search traffic.

Social media brought just under 10% and referral, email and others make up the balance.

Why does organic search feature so strongly?

We have developed and implemented an inbound marketing strategy that was first launched in early 2011. The strategy has been reviewed and adjusted regularly as requirements and best practice change extremely quickly in this space.

Google alone was making more than 400 changes to its algorithm and policies each year and these were all documented up until relatively recently where they moved to a strategy of only announcing major changes.

Social platforms have also made major changes and new platforms have arrived and some of these have stayed the distance (others not so much).

The TrinityP3 inbound marketing strategy has four primary pillars: [Read more…]

The Wrap – Top Inbound Marketing Posts Volume 9

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of The Wrap, HPE’s round-up of all that’s interesting in the world of inbound marketing; SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media.

In this edition we have tips on how to speed up your website, check out what your competitors are up to, and steps on how to create a competition or giveaway for your customers.

Ohiwa Harbour Bay of Plenty

Ohiwa Harbour in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand



19 technical SEO facts for beginners

Perfect if you’re new to SEO, these simple facts and tips will help you get your head around what SEO is and how even the smallest changes can help your website rank better with Google.

A Beginner’s Guide to SSL: What It Is & Why It Makes Your Website More Secure

You may have noticed some websites start with http, while others have https. What’s the difference? This handy article explains what that little extra s is for, and why you should have it on your site.

According to recent HubSpot Research, up to 85% of people will not continue browsing if a site is not secure.

How Links in Headers, Footers, Content, and Navigation Can Impact SEO

In this week’s Whiteboard Friday, SEO expert Rand Fishkin talks about links, specifically in Headers and Footers, why they are different, and how learning the details can help you build a stronger link structure.

6 Awesome Plugins to Speed up Your WordPress Site

Page speed matters. Not only is it a search ranking factor, but you’ve only got a few seconds to load a page before people move on. This article from Search Engine Journal lists 6 plugins to make your site run faster.

Content Marketing

How to Do a Competitive Content Marketing Analysis

Comparing your site to your competitors is the best way to stay one step ahead, especially when it comes to creating unique, engaging content. This article from Ellie Mirman shows you how to do an inventory of your competitors’ content, evaluate its quantity, and analyse its quality.

 Instead of blindly pumping out content, take the time to understand where the true opportunity exists to create valuable resources.

[Read more…]

The Wrap – Top Inbound Marketing Posts Volume 8

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of The Wrap, HPE’s round-up of all that’s interesting in the world of inbound marketing; SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media.

This edition sees tips for making it to the top of Google Answer Boxes, hyperlocal keyword targeting, suggestions for not boring your readers to death and the chastising of grammar Nazis.

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How to target a small group of people

Reaching the perfect audience is priceless, but hyperlocal keyword research is frustrating. In this Whiteboard Friday, Rand shares how to find powerful, laser-focused keywords to bring you exactly the customers you’re looking for.

Your website’s structure and its effect on SEO

It’s not just about keywords! Your website should be organized in a manner that’s easy for users – and Google’s spiders – to navigate. This great article explains the different between structure and design.

Google Answer Box – The holy grail of SERP

Forget fighting for fluctuating ranking positions – if you can get the Google answer box at the top of the page, you win the race without even trying!

Google seems to reserve this spot for websites that just happen to get lucky. However, as more answer boxes are appearing in SERPs, we as marketers have the opportunity to obtain these highly-coveted positions.

Site closed down for the day? Don’t worry about ranking

Need to pull the shutters down for the day on your site? In this article, Google’s very own John Mueller explains how to avoid a drop in rankings, even when you’re not online.

How to speed up your keyword research

Do you know the difference between Clustering Vs. Classification? Unsupervised vs. Supervised Learning? No, neither did we until we read this article by Vicky Qian.

Content marketing

3 tips to create attractive blog posts

We are visual creatures, and a boring, lifeless blocks of text will be easily ignored. Discover how to make your blog post shine with these three tips.

On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.

[Read more…]

Top marketing experts predictions for 2017

Anyone can predict the future – it’s being accurate that’s the hard part. After all, Back to the Future promised us Hoverboards by 2015 and that didn’t happen. Not that we’re bitter about it.

Bearing this in mind, High Profile Enterprises have scoured the ‘net, searching for 2017 predictions from people who actually know what they’re talking about. Forget flying cars and entire meals in pill form- these predictions might actually come true.

Marketing experts predictions


SEO predictions – what to expect from search and content marketing in 2017

Every time Google makes a major change, so-called experts cry about the death of SEO. Well, it hasn’t happened yet, and 2017 doesn’t look any different. In fact, Search Engine Optimisation will become an even more important skill to have in your organisation in the coming year.

In January Google will begin to add warnings to websites in Chrome that are not using https (secure certificate). This will affect password options and credit card options and will have a bold “Not Secure” notification

Actionable guide to SEO in 2017

Another excellent guide to SEO in 2017. Focusing on the basics and what you should be doing right now to prepare for the next 12 months and Google’s upcoming changes.

How to Craft a Remarkable SEO Strategy for 2017 – Whiteboard Friday

This coming year promises to be huge for our industry, and there’s a lot to consider when planning 2017. In this Whiteboard Friday, the ever-excellent Rand Fishkin outlines how to craft an SEO strategy to help you and your business survive and adapt to the coming changes.

Moz 2017 SEO strategy

Social Media

4 Twitter fixes Jack Dorsey says he’ll consider in 2017

Twitter certainly had its problems in 2016, and what better way to fix something than to ask the people who use it. Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey issued a public call for feedback on what his company could be doing better, and people weren’t shy about telling him.  [Read more…]

The Wrap – Top Inbound Marketing Posts Volume 7

Hello, and welcome to the latest edition of The Wrap – HPE’s Inbound Marketing round-up. In this edition, we look at Google dipping their toe into the tepid waters of mobile indexing, how to find that sweet spot when it comes to content creation, and we show you 4 ways to improve your return on Facebook Ads.

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Spring in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, New Zealand


Google tests the water for a new way to index a site

As more and more people use their phones to visit the net, Google has taken the first steps in using the mobile version of a site as its primary source of information. Will this effect ranking? You bet it will, but how much and in what way? And is this just an experiment, or is this the future of Google?

We’ll continue to carefully experiment over the coming months on a small scale and we’ll ramp up this change when we’re confident that we have a great user experience.

How Developers should tackle SEO from day one

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a bit of an afterthought for most developers. But here is a checklist of SEO essentials you need to hit from day one. From simple things like keeping the HTML Code clear, to less obvious tips like page speed. Speaking of which…

How to increase your page speed

Page speed is crucial, especially in the mobile age.  If your site is running at average speeds, then it’s costing you business opportunities and potential revenue. There is a lot you can do to speed up your site and its various content elements. This article shows you how.

How smaller fish can compete with the big boys in SEO

It may seem impossible for a small company to compete with big sites when it comes to Google’s front page, but there are tangible SEO benefits to running a smaller site. In this Whiteboard Friday, Rand explains how small sites can target opportunities the big sites can’t, despite their natural advantages. [Read more…]

The Wrap – Top Inbound Marketing Posts Volume 6

The Wrap is back for another edition and what a treat we have for you! The big talking point this time round is Google’s new Penguin update. Penguin 4.0 was released at the end of September and it looks like the shape of things to come! Read on to find out how and why it affects you.

In our content marketing round-up, read 6 pieces of advice from Pixar on what it takes to be as good as… well, Pixar. We also have a bit of fun with some cartoons only content marketers will understand, and then we finish off in our social media section with how to set up a calendar for your social media posts. Enjoy!

Bay of Plenty full moon photo

Super moon at Ohope Beach this week


Google’s new Penguin Algorithm explained

Penguin 4.0 is out, but what difference does it make to you and yours? The Penguin algorithm was specifically designed to fight spam, so is it working? And what changes have Google made to this version? This awesome 10 minute video will explain everything!

What does Penguin mean for link building?

Websites linking to each other is the foundation stone of Google, so if Penguin 4.0 is demoting links, then how is it all going to work?

If Google doesn’t want spam to affect their results, then they should do just that: find a way to make sure spam doesn’t impact their results.

Become a Google Analytics ninja

The team at Google has decided to make a real-world dataset available for purchase. This means you can look at the analytics and learn how to cut through all the technical jargon and get to what interests you and your business. [Read more…]

The Wrap – Top Inbound Marketing Posts Volume 5

Welcome to the latest edition of “The Wrap”. Here we bring together the latest articles on Inbound Marketing, cutting out all the nonsense, click-bait and out-dated information the World Wide Web is full of. In this edition you’ll only find the most relevant, current and practical info to help with your online business.

In this edition we look at whether SEO titles and heading tags still have an impact on SEO, a couple of posts on getting your SEO right and an update on recent changes made by Google.

In the content marketing section we have some great writing tips, a post on how to optimise your content for Google’s Rankbrain and some very useful tools for blogging. In the social media section we have some great tips for Facebook use, an update on Instagram’s new analytics features and some strategy information on generating more momentum and more traffic.

Winter - Ohope Beach New Zealand

Gorgeous winter day on Ohope Beach


Click on the titles to read the posts. Enjoy!


Titles and H1s: Do They Still have an SEO Impact?

Googles algorithms have developed so much in recent years, it’s hard to tell if the basic stuff is even important any more. This article tests the theory with an objective approach and interesting conclusions.

It seems that Google still relies on us setting well optimised H1 and Title tags, and that even small changes to these can make a difference to your organic search performance.

Getting Local Store Locator SEO Right

If your customer is looking for what you sell and they’re nearby, how do you make sure they can find you? This great article explains what you should have on your site to make Google pick you first. Time for a NAP! And if you don’t know what NAP means, click you need to read this. [Read more…]

The Top Inbound Marketing Predictions for 2016

Welcome to the New Year!

So that you can get off to a flying start in 2016, we’ve hand picked a selection of blog articles focused on the trends and marketing predictions for the year ahead. As usual, we’ve done the digging so you can sit back and learn.

Nothing ever stands still in the world of SEO, and as new Google updates roll-out we all need to stay up with the play. Let the experts get you up to speed in the first 3 posts. Their predictions touch on a range of areas, many that you could try implementing into your tactics for the year.

Following that you’ll be into the Content Marketing posts. Content Marketing has been heavily discussed in the last few years and the trend continues. However it is time to stop paying lip service to content, roll up the sleeves and actually start producing. And in a strategic way. It’s not just about pumping out post after post on your blog and these articles talk about some of the actions you can take.

We then widen the scope a bit and present a series of general marketing posts. Predictions, trends, marketer’s favourite tools – you’ll find them all here, plus some B2B predictions too.

Lastly, we come back to Social Media – how could we leave that out! Find out what the experts think is important for the year ahead and ponder whether your social media strategy is still up to date, or in need of a 2016 refresh.

Click on the titles to read the posts and enjoy!

Summertime 2016

Enjoying the Kiwi Summer. Best Wishes for 2016.


10 Predictions for 2016 in SEO & Web Marketing

Rand Fishkin from MOZ offers up his top 10 predictions for 2016, plus you can check in with how accurate he was last year with his 2015 predictions.

My prediction is that, on average, across Google’s billions of daily searches, even accounting for searches that generate multiple clicks, less than 70% of searches result in at least one click on an organic result.

Three simple resolutions on how to do better SEO in 2016

As you may well know, SEO is a complex topic and there are a huge array of ranking factors. Josh McCoy has kept it simple in this post and he focuses on 3 pillars of SEO for 2016: content, link earning and the ‘experience’. Success is often about gaining clarity and focus and you’ll find that here.

SEO trends in 2016: What do the experts predict?

Integrated SEO, changes in the look of page one google results, penguin becoming real-time, schema going from strength to strength…..these predictions will get you thinking about how you ensure your brand stays near the top of search results during 2016 and beyond.

Google’s Penguin algorithm is likely to also create a fair amount of chatter in early 2016 – so brace yourselves!

Content Marketing:

How An Integrated Approach Can Help You Become Content Marketing Royalty in 2016

In this post from, Ashley Zeckman argues that the key to becoming content royalty in 2016 is taking an integrated approach to content marketing, or a “content plus” model. In other words, you produce your content but you integrate it with your SEO, your social, your influencers, and your online advertising.

21 Content Marketing Predictions for 2016

[Read more…]

The Wrap – Top Inbound Marketing Posts Volume 4

Welcome to this edition of ‘The Wrap’. Here you will find some of the latest posts on inbound marketing from around the web. Our aim is to find the best and most relevant topics so you don’t have to. We hope they will add a lot of value to your business.

In today’s edition you will find some healthy, weathy and wise topics of interest on content marketing, SEO and social media.

You will learn some dos and don’ts when tappping into user-generated content, how to stack the Slideshare deck in your favour, some good tips on content promotion strategies and you will see some amazing Brand Content Marketing Hubs.

On the SEO side of things you will learn more about Google knowledge graphs and Answer Boxes, which SEO tactics are no longer working and what SEO resources you need to achieve successful business results.

And let’s not forget Social Media. Learn how to get on top of your social media presence, how to drive successful social media ads, tips on using Facebook Custom Audiences and more…

Click on the titles to read the posts.

Happy Birthday High Profile Enterprises

High Profile Enterprises turned 5 last week – Congratulations to all our team!

Content Marketing:

SlideShare Secrets to Stack the Decks in Your Favor

Here’s a handy little reference for slideshare newcomers and experienced users as well. Jodi Harris takes you through the basics then shows you how to make your SlideShare content more immersive and engaging.

Rights Management 101: The Do’s and Don’ts of User-Generated Content

There are consequences to using user-generated content in the wrong way so why not let Jordan Kretchmer show you the best way.

“If you’re tapping into user-generated content, you need to be cautious with how you interact with your fans, says columnist Jordan Kretchmer. He offers these tips on how to play it safe.”

How to Create Content That Your VIPs Will Love to Share

Jeffrey Kranz shares a very helpful infographic which steps you through a practical approach to writing content that will encourage people to share with their audience. Well worth a look!

7 Content Promotion Strategies That Drive Traffic, Leads, and Sales

If traffic, leads, and sales are important to you then check out this post by Danny Wong. No argument here Danny!

“Carefully crafted content is nothing if businesses cannot find eager readers willing to consume it and take action.”

20 Amazing Examples Of Brand Content Marketing Hubs

[Read more…]

The Wrap – Top Inbound Marketing Posts Volume 3

Welcome to ‘The Wrap’ where we make every effort to bring you the most up to date posts on inbound marketing that we believe are the cream of the crop. We are committed to bringing you the latest and greatest information that may add value to your business.

In today’s installment of ‘The Wrap’, there are plenty of worthwhile goodies to munch on including effective blogging and writing quality content even when you think you suck at it.

You will learn how to get your content marketing on track with the smallest of budgets, how to find great blog topics, and how to get people to share the written content you have spent so much time and effort on.

There are also some great techniques and tips on SEO and CRO, and you will learn more about social media marketing trends and the tools that will help you in your business.

Click on the titles to read the posts.

Ohope Bay of Plenty sunset

Stunning sunset over Ohope Beach, Bay of Plenty

Content Marketing

Why high quality content creation is the secret to organic growth

High quality content is what we’re all after and in this post, Midge Hand, Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer and a regular columnist on web related topics, shares some valuable insights on writing high quality content to grow your online business organically.

If you’ve ever had the feeling you are spending hours and hours creating content and nobody is listening check Google Analytics for proof. To get the most out of the time you invest in creating content and to offer value to your customer, connecting with your audience and making them aware that you are there to help them is where you will get the best results.

How to produce great content (even if you’re a terrible writer)

If you think you suck at writing and you hate the thought of sitting down and writing for your business blog, Sujan Patel shares some top-notch tips on how to create great content even if you think you’re a terrible writer.

17 Content Marketing tips for any size budget

If your content marketing budget is limited, Michael Brenner, Head of Strategy for NewsCred, shares some valuable and very useful tips in his post on how to effectively produce the right content for your audience with any size budget and for any size business.

Social shares and inbound links: Insights from new correlation data

In this post, Steve Rayson reveals some key insights into the correlation between social shares and inbound links.

Understanding why people share and link to content is essential for both content marketers and SEO teams. Ideally we want to create content that is amplified through both shares and links. My analysis of 10,000 posts suggests that some forms of content are very unlikely to acquire both shares and links.

How to create content that your VIPs will love to share

[Read more…]

The Wrap – Top Inbound Marketing Posts Volume 1

Welcome to our first edition of ‘The Wrap’ (formerly called ‘The Weekend Wrap’).

‘The Wrap’ is a series of the very best and most recent posts on inbound marketing from around the globe, collected to provide you with the  most relevant and up to date information for your business.

In this edition of the ‘The Wrap’, the hot topic of conversation is the new Google mobile search algorithm launched on 21st April 2015. Referred to by many as “mobilegeddon”, several posts in the SEO section below share the impacts and recommendations for website compliance.

The content marketing section includes posts about content marketing strategy, next-level marketing and writing copy for your blog. Google+, Twitter, social media tools and more are the recent topics of discussion in the ‘Social Media’ section.

Click on the titles to read the posts.

Whale Island, Bay of Plenty

SEO /Search Engine Optimisation

Google’s mobile friendly test and why you must not ignore it

This has to be the hottest topic in SEO today! Here, Mike Morgan tells us what it’s really all about. Termed  “Mobilegeddon”, this is the  latest Google change to its mobile search algorithm. Mobile performance and accessibility will become the key ranking factors for your website so if you haven’t already done so, now’s the time to take the test.

How to Adapt Your Content Strategy in Time for Mobilegeddon

On Thursday, February 26th, 2015 Google announced that it would be changing it’s mobile search algorithm. Barry Schwartz covered the announcement on Search Engine Land and not long after the term “mobilegeddon” had been coined.

The Advanced SEO’s Guide To Mobilegeddon

Columnist Bryson Meunie points out that a startling 40% of websites are not mobile-friendly and that Google has changed it’s mobile search algorithm to create a better experience for you, the user. Here, Bryson provides 3 tips to help you get ahead of the next Google update.

[Read more…]