Impending Google updates and what your business needs to know

Matt Cutts impending Google updates

Matt Cutts - head of Google's search quality team (and as a colleague commented the other day - one of the most powerful people on the planet) has made a new video. This outlines in his usual friendly, noncommittal manner what Google is doing in the … [Continue reading]

Are you making these big content marketing mistakes?

Content Marketing Mistakes

Recent research reports all indicate that marketers are struggling with a number of elements around content marketing. Many are spouting the old "Content is King!" adage but a large number are stalling when it comes to measuring results or … [Continue reading]

Shockwave Flash has crashed – How to fix it once and for all!

Shockwave Flash crashing Chrome

Are you sick of super slow browsers and constant crashes and every time the culprit is Shockwave Flash? Is this familiar?     Frustrating? Well, fear not! This problem was really bugging me a few months back and it got … [Continue reading]

Weekend Wrap 20: What is SEO? UX myths & the ultimate LinkedIn cheatsheet

New Zealand beach image

We kick off the Weekend Wrap with some easy to grasp  SEO basics - it's good stuff and it is in an Infographic for ease of reading. For the more advanced SEO geeks there is a technical post with step by step instructions on how to avoid … [Continue reading]

Weekend Wrap 19: SEO predictions, social proof, renegade content marketing

There's been a lot of talk, controversy and opinions shared on where SEO is heading for 2013.   The first post in the Weekend Wrap for this year is from Eric Enge at Search Engine Watch where he gives his SEO predictions for the ever changing world … [Continue reading]

The Best of SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media and CRO – 2012

Best of SEO in 2012

2012 has been an incredible year for those of us who work online or who have an interest in search, social or any of the other variations in web strategy. SEO in particular has seen upheaval after upheaval and Google has been instrumental in … [Continue reading]

Weekend Wrap 18 – SEO in 2013, loving Panda, social media experts challenged

flowering white hydrangeas

Everyone wants to know where SEO is heading in 2013 and the first post up this week gives valuable insights from 30 of the industry's most enlightened SEO thought leaders. This is followed by a very interesting look at the Mormon SEO strategy! … [Continue reading]

Weekend Wrap 17 – Growth hackers, top social media tools and how to increase blog traffic

Alpaca at Muriwai farm

A brilliant line up this week and we kick off with an "oldie but a goodie" from Rand Fishkin - an incredible resource for bloggers to tuck away, followed by another great post about "growth hackers" from Distilled and what constitutes an effective … [Continue reading]

Weekend Wrap 16 – Google 2012 Review, Small Business Link Building, Fake Social Media Experts

Okiroto Stream west coast Muriwai

So much insightful information this week it was hard to choose - but we think we selected some of the very best. Starting off with a 2012 review of all Google updates which will definitely inform and a Wordpress theme change SEO check list which … [Continue reading]

Weekend Wrap 15 – Google Insider Secrets, Evil Link Building, Epic Content

Kids feeding alpacas

Some real goodies this week from our search for the best around the Web! See what Google are  really doing (!!) in this in-depth interview with an ex-member of the elite search quality team, the current state of SEO from those who know and where … [Continue reading]

Weekend Wrap 14 – Creative Link Building, Web Copy Mastery, Social Signals

Muriwai Beach looking North

This Weekend Wrap brings more on building links from some incredibly creative people down to the foolhardy who still think buying links is a good thing... This ties in nicely with the SEOMoz post on how to drive more visitors and more links … [Continue reading]