7 critical SEO blunders agencies are still making

Darren Woolley discussed recently on the TrinityP3 Blog the poor digital efforts of Strategic Marketing Consultants. And agencies are as guilty as these consultants with their poor online performance. It never ceases to amaze me when I am … [Continue reading]

Weekend Wrap 5 – Google Leaks, Link Building Fears And Kicking Ass Online!

Making way for new trees

We kick off the Weekend Wrap with some secret insider information leaked from Google followed by how SEO hasn't really changed much in 16 years (sort of), post Penguin webmaster fears of natural links, moments of truth on how shoppers buy, … [Continue reading]

Weekend Wrap 4 – SEO Myths, WordPress Guide, Link Building Resources

Lunch time High Profile Enterprises

This week we've got a real mixed bag... some fantastic link building resources, going evergreen with your content, the myths around Google hating or loving your website, the most amazing Wordpress guide for small businesses and how to deal with … [Continue reading]

Weekend Wrap 3 – SEO Site Audits, Bad Google, Scrapers, Social Ecommerce

This week we found some astonishing data about the huge gap between paid and organic clicks, Google behaving badly (again), how to prevent people stealing your content and what to do about it when they do, why you should be thinking about your … [Continue reading]

Weekend Wrap 2 – Penguin fears, meta tags, Twitter tips and more

There has been a lot going on this past week and with everyone waiting for the latest updates from Google we bring you a sneak preview from some of the most influential thought leaders in the industry, plus more about what Google wants from your link … [Continue reading]

Weekend Wrap – SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing Highlights

Every week we come across a huge amount of amazing content from the rapidly changing world of Social Media, the almost daily upheavals of SEO and the incredible creativity of the Web's Content Marketing Strategists. We find the very best posts for … [Continue reading]

Is Google Adwords the new snake oil target?

Keyword targets

The last couple of months has been a rough ride for many website owners due to the frequent punitive Google Updates and now I am seeing new serious risks appearing for business owners who are not completely up to date with how websites and search … [Continue reading]

Is Social Media The Next Big Bang?

Night lights of US West Coast

I am currently engrossed in the most amazing book by Bill Bryson, some of you will probably have read it already - “A Short History of Nearly Everything” for which he won the prestigious Aventis Prize in 2004 for best general science book. It’s a … [Continue reading]

Twitter Analytics Tools – A Crowdbooster Review

Analytics dashboard for Crowdbooster

Management of multiple social media accounts can be a huge drain on your time and resources. Never believe anyone who says social media is free! It ain't! In this post I will review a Twitter Analytics and scheduling tool called Crowdbooster - no … [Continue reading]

Penguin Update – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!

White hat SEO

Almost a month after the fact, some of the noise has died down, some of the pain has become clear, some of the successes have been celebrated, and a new greater danger has surfaced! This post describes what I have observed as an SEO consultant … [Continue reading]

Social Media Marketing Experts Or Amateurs?

Social media manager with gag

Why should you care about social media? The rapid rise in social media over the last few years has given business owners some pretty exciting tools to connect with their customers.  Social media presents huge opportunities for dialogue in a global … [Continue reading]