New Zealand SEO Companies Punished For Dangerous Link Building Strategies!

When SEO companies go bad! After you have read this post please share it with anyone who currently employs a company to do search engine optimisation for their business website. What is outlined in this post could have a major negative impact on the … [Continue reading]

Panda Update | One Year After The Google Bomb! [Infographic]

Panda Update on Google

It has been a year now since the infamous Google Panda update was covertly rolled out. Now is probably a good time to do a bit of analysis on whether it has achieved what it set out to do. How has Panda altered the way people approach … [Continue reading]

Marketing With Twitter! It’s Not All About ROI

Twitter marketing is about giving and sharing information

2012 will be the year for businesses of all sizes to seriously acknowledge social media. Business owners now have an exceptionally powerful and proven marketing tool to add to their portfolio - Twitter! As we all know Twitter is one of the … [Continue reading]

The Social Media Benefits Of Telling Tall Tales!

Tall tales bring social media benefits

What are some of your most cherished childhood memories? ...your most loved activities as a child you have grown up with and continued to love as an adult? Most of the activities and pleasures we love as children change as we mature and become … [Continue reading]

A Stupidly Simple Secret To Power Up Your Inbound Marketing!

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Got your attention? Good! There is ONE single factor in your inbound marketing efforts which, if you get it wrong you can forget about success for your website or business in the Internet world. A quick explanation first: What is … [Continue reading]

Social Networking Etiquette Hits Rock Bottom!

Social Media Etiquette for Marketers

Picture this! You are at a social gathering at a friend’s place – people are dressed for an occasion, large platters of delicate finger food are being passed around, a very nice groove is playing on the sound system and there are lots of … [Continue reading]

Lists on Twitter – Experienced Marketers Use This Small Trick To Get Big Results!

I am a lists person, I love making lists - some would say it was an obsession... It's  a common trait that a fellow Aries will instantly recognize.  So I can't wait to share with you my new favourite list for 2012 - it's Lists on Twitter - and it … [Continue reading]

The War Against Blog Comment Spam And How To Gain The Upper Hand

Blog Comment Spam

Blog comment spam... What exactly is it? How do you know whether you have become an easy target? How do you stay ahead of the comment spammers? I decided to put this guide together for two reasons which I will outline below but first let's … [Continue reading]

Oh No! SEO Fail Causes Search Engine Ranking Disaster in Australia!

Search Engine Ranking in Australia and New Zealand

It seems a large number of New Zealand and Australian businesses are seeking answers to search engine ranking difficulties between the two countries. In a previous post "The Great Geographic Divide - Google Splits New Zealand And Australia" I … [Continue reading]

Tactical Twitter Techniques To Drive Engagement With Influencers

Twitter for social media

Who are the influencers in your industry niche? How do you find them on Twitter? How do you begin to engage with them on Twitter? There are a number of techniques which can be highly effective in finding and beginning conversations with the … [Continue reading]

The Great Geographic Divide – Google Splits New Zealand And Australia!

This could rattle a few cages out there! I am about to give away a little secret which many local SEO exponents would probably rather I didn't... But here goes! When you type in your business keyword into Google you are only seeing what … [Continue reading]