Dad Cooks Dinner – Social Media Disaster Follows!

Watching a brand being slaughtered on social media before your eyes can be a strangely compelling thing! Is it schadenfreude? Or is it more to do with gaining an understanding of how relentless and punishing Twitter and blogging can be if you … [Continue reading]

Is Your Business Website Struggling Without Search Engine Optimization?

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Let’s first of all clarify what SEO services are all about - here is a definition from Wikipedia“ "Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or … [Continue reading]

On Search Engine Optimization, Rogue Web Designers And Integrity

Following on from my recent post called "Guess What! Google Hates Your New Business Website And Will Never Rank It!" there have been some further developments to the story. If you haven't read it I expressed my dismay - no not dismay, disgust! - … [Continue reading]

10 Personality Types You Don’t Want Managing Your Social Media

It is absolutely essential that your social media business pages are managed by someone who understands your brand, your company philosophies and the goals of the social media campaign. Too often we see the reins being passed to a junior staff … [Continue reading]

Guess What! Google Hates Your New Business Website And Will Never Rank It!

Great! I get a phone call today from a telemarketer who asks me first if I am a representative of High Profile Enterprises! This will be interesting I think... "Do you have a website Sir?" I tell him "We would be a pretty unusual search … [Continue reading]

Wake-Up Call for Brick and Mortar Businesses – Social Media Marketing Does Work!

Brick and mortar businesses need a wake-up call – for their own sake!  Many are taking a long time to figure out that marketing has taken a giant leap into a completely new social arena which has not only transformed the way we live our lives but … [Continue reading]

Did Google’s Panda Update Smash Article Marketing?

Panda update for SEO

There has been much wringing of hands and much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth about the latest and greatest Google algorithm update. First of all if you were not aware of what the Panda Update was and what it was meant to do, here is a … [Continue reading]

Social Media For Businesses – How To Lose Friends And Irritate People!

Social Media For Businesses Conversations

We have all met them – male and female - at some stage in a social situation. They will be the one at the party who you can't help but notice - not because they have a cool haircut, a great derriere or just that.... je ne sais quoi! No, sadly the … [Continue reading]

10 Facebook Mistakes That Will Get You Unliked, Unfriended, Blocked, Reported And Even Banned!

Social Media Mistakes

Everyone is on Facebook, right? Now over half a billion users are on Facebook which means that if Facebook was a country it would be the third largest country in the world... Impressive isn't it! And everyone knows that Facebook is an … [Continue reading]

Social Search! What Is It And How Does It Affect Twitter Business Use?

Using Twitter Or Facebook For Business? Well, they have been working on the concept of Social Search for some time now (they being both Google and Bing)! And, now, finally it is here... And the repercussions for online marketing are … [Continue reading]

Social Media and SEO – NZ Businesses in Growth Mode Using These Strategies

How Social Media combined with SEO creates opportunity for New Zealand business With social media and SEO – NZ Businesses have the most incredible tool at their fingertips to propel their business into another orbit! If you are using this … [Continue reading]