How do you decide what to do with so many web marketing options available?

To establish and grow a sustainable online presence with a view to improving business results, growing brand reputation, boosting online authority, and utilising the incredible tools that the web offers it takes a wide range of skills and expertise. To get online strategy right has become an incredibly complex and sometimes overwhelming business task.

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No wonder even seasoned marketing professionals find the new digital space intimidating!

But, of course you know the opportunities available that an innovative approach to an integrated online strategy can bring  is a no-brainer for the smart business.

So, how do you negotiate this minefield and how do you avoid the risks involved where a mistake can blow up and cause irreparable damage to your brand or to your website reputation in search.

It is worrying to think that a small mis-step in this space can lead to massive repercussions.

  • Social media blunders can be punished severely.
  • Google will penalise or ban your site if you veer into territory that is contrary to their confusing and constantly changing guidelines.
  • A poorly executed Adwords campaign will hemorrhage your hard earned cash.

And there are many other hidden risks for the unenlightened business.

Don’t get me wrong though – it is definitely not all terrifying!

And the rewards can be spectacular if you have a great product or service, you are committed to providing great customer service and you have an understanding that giving value to your customers will bring ultimate benefits to your bottom line.

What do you require in order for your business to succeed online?

The first attribute you need is patience!

Most online strategies require consistent, quality implementation over a period of time to gain traction and begin to bring rewards. Your reputation build slowly and the relationships you build are extremely important to your outcomes.

Sure, you can throw a big budget at a paid search campaign but if you haven’t factored conversion optimisation into the setup you will probably be paying for traffic that will not take a desired action.

And if people just don’t like your website or find it hard to navigate or too hard sell they will leave very quickly.

The second attribute you will need is a marketing budget!

You would probably be surprised that there are many people who think marketing online is free, or at least very cheap compared to traditional advertising.

No, you will pay fees to experts depending on their industry reputation for results and the amount of time and creative innovation they can bring to a project. This is right across the board of possible services.

People used to say Social Media is free because anyone can set up a profile on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube…

However what you will require in order to be even remotely successful is strategy, development, implementation and measurement. Then you adjust strategy, develop, implement and measure again.

Cheap websites are just that – cheap websites! If you would like your shop window to say to the world that you really don’t care about how your business is perceived and that you really don’t care if anyone comes back for repeat visits then go ahead – buy a cheap website knock-off.

If you think that SEO is a handy add-on to web development then you probably will end up wondering why you have no traffic, your phone is not ringing and your competition seems to be really busy.

The third attribute is a sincere belief in the power of customer service and business relationships!

The online arena exposes very quickly businesses that want a quick buck and have no long term commitment to growing a brand reputation for excellence. Transparency is the key here but a strategy will need to be enacted which will identify the key communicators as customer service  and business relationship building representatives.

If you are the Managing Director or Marketing Manager of a small business this may even be you. This will take a time commitment as online communications require fairly frequent monitoring.

The fourth attribute is to have a team of highly skilled experts available to you for any section of a particular project.

This is what we have developed over the last two years at High Profile Enterprises.

We have worked with so many clients who have had less than optimum work done by online services companies, beyond what our specialist areas are, that we have developed strategic partnerships with people who we consider are some of the very best available in their various fields.

Key attributes include great communication skills. So many times we have worked with clients who are surprised that we pick up the phone, tell them where we are up to, invite questions, connect regularly to update progress, send important information about changes in the web and generally keep everyone informed.

And our partners also have to show the same commitment to communication.

We also source our partners due to their level of expertise. They have to be good, very good!

We handle SEO, Content Strategy and Social Media Management in-house at High Profile Enterprises and we recommend and manage projects we outsource to our trusted partners.

In the end, the buck stops with us!

We manage all strategies and we make certain that you are happy that you are getting value, results and a high level of expertise and communication.

If this all sounds like something you would be interested in please browse through the services tabs and when  you would like to talk please contact us through our Contact Page or pick up the phone and call us…