Content marketing

Content marketing and blogging strategy

Google has indicated very clearly that quality, unique content is exactly what they require.

The web is full of junk – generic, poorly written, badly structured, spun or software generated, and even stolen content.

And Google has got extremely good at identifying poor quality or spammy material. As Google’s algorithm becomes more and more sophisticated it get easier for them to identify the wheat from the chaff.

A number of updates over the past year or so have put an end to keyword overuse, duplication, thin content, and all of the search engine manipulation techniques that have been a frustration to most users online.

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So, how do you take advantage of the new rewards Google is giving to sites with great content?

The answer is in a company blog.

But a company blog has to managed correctly.

Too few posts and you are wasting your time.

Is the blog optimised? Are the posts optimised?

How much attention has been paid to the “click through” potential of the title?

Does the meta description have a compelling call to action?

Are the categories and tags managed correctly?

How will each post be promoted across the web?

How attainable are the keywords you are chasing?

Do the keywords add to your full website profile?

That’s some of the more technical stuff.

What about the community aspect?

Who within your company will be contributing content?

If you use a web copywriter who will advise on content topics?

What type of content works best for your particular niche?

What type of images are suitable and when do videos work well?

What is the ideal tone of voice for your organisation?

There are many factors involved with developing an effective content strategy. This varies depending on the size of the organisation and the number of potential contributors. Integrating your content strategy with social media promotion alongside an appreciation of SEO will enhance your results dramatically. Developing advocacy within your organisation and from people within your extended social networks indicates to Google that your brand is worth recognising.

Content creation is a process that can demonstrate thought leadership and innovation or it can be a way to identify your business as a fun, human company people would like to support. Content can also demonstrate your commitment to transparency and customer service.

Each strategy must be custom designed depending on the desired outcomes.

Whichever strategy or combination of strategies you pursue it is crucial that your content strategy consultants understand the correct level of promotion and the various opportunities available both online and offline.

Leverage of email newsletter lists, press releases, relationship building with similar niche sites and more all contribute to growing your audience (and help grow valuable, natural back-links to your site).

To summarise – Google loves new, high quality content. People will find you on search engines, social media sites, RSS feed sites, social bookmarking sites and a number of other platforms.

You will build an involved community both within your company and with your customers and you will be identified as a leader in your market.

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