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Social media management

We are not your standard Social Media consultants.

We don’t believe in creating a Facebook page, a Twitter page, a YouTube page, LinkedIn, Google+ etc with cool graphics then charging you to post x number of posts per week which are automatically posted on the next social account.

What is social about that?

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If you do not have social media buy-in from the executive level of your organisation you are wasting both your time and your money.

The social media accounts should never be run by a junior staff member. The voice of your social media efforts needs to be in tune with brand outcomes.

It should be managed from marketing management level, customer service management level or for a smaller business it will be a key manager or even the owner.

Strategy should be set right at the start – define targeted outcomes and measureable milestones.

Is social media a way to drive visitors to your website so the site can convert for increased sales?

Is it a brand development strategy to increase brand visibility?

Is it a method to build relationships with potential collaborators or advocates?

Is it a channel to demonstrate thought leadership?

Is social media a highly effective customer service channel for your business (there are very important guidelines to avoid the “social media disaster” in this case)

There are many considerations in the implementation of an effective and “safe” social media strategy. Each organisation will have differing goals and strategies.

So, how does our Social Media consulting work?

We develop a project based on your niche, size of company, number of participants and targeted outcomes.

We can arrange graphic design for each platform and we will optimise each company profile.

We will ensure you have a healthy, growing following on each platform.

Think of us as your partners and advisors.

We will supply training material for each social media site and we will keep you educated with best practice for each one.

Social media is a constantly evolving marketing strategy so we will connect constantly with updates, new developments, trends and new techniques.

We will communicate frequently as we measure performance so we can advise on ways to improve your efficacy.

We will advise on any reputation management issues which could arise through customer complaints or brand mentions.

We are your key personal trainers and we will guide you through the minefield of social media so that you stay safe and more importantly, so that you are able to build quality relationships with a large number of influential people, customers, partners, advocates and more.

If you are looking to generate leads social media is hugely effective – but it will not happen overnight. It takes a consistent approach, a considered company voice, time, education and implementation.

You need to see that you are getting a return on your investment so we look at both hard and soft metrics.

What percentage of website traffic is coming from social media?

How many social shares are you getting?

What level of engagement are you seeing?

How many useful conversations are taking place?

Are you developing a larger audience?

Are you getting recommendations from your audience?

Are the relationships leading to referrals, leads and sales?

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