Web copywriting

Three things web copywriting does to help your website perform at its best

Having an online presence is critical. Today if you’re not online, you’re missing a huge opportunity. But is having a website enough? The answer is NO. Even with a website, you can still be missing out on valuable business.

There are several key ingredients required to make your website perform at its best.

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One key ingredient is great copywriting.

Why is copywriting so important?

There are three main things that copywriting should do for your website:

1)    Attract visitors — major search engines, like Google, now place great emphasis on good-quality content when deciding how well sites rank in searches. Good-quality content is:

(a)  relevant to the business’ website

(b)  free of grammatical and spelling errors

(c)  of a reasonable word count – in-depth is good!

(d)  strategically written with targeted keywords and phrases.

2)    Keep visitors on your site — great copywriting speaks directly to your clients in words appropriate to them and creates a comfortable buying environment. It addresses their problems and shows how you can help, better than your competition. Great copywriting is easy for visitors to skim and find information quickly. This can be done with:

(a)  short sentences

(b)  bold headings

(c)  bullet points

(d)  links to other parts of your site.

3)    Generate income — perhaps most importantly, great copywriting has a clear call to action and shows your customers why they should buy your goods and services.

To ensure that your website performs at its best, we offer a professional copywriting service. Please contact us for a free consultation.