Finding Keywords – Great Keywords! – Why This Is So Crucial To Your SEO Campaign!


What are they exactly?

Why are so many marketers getting this part of the search engine marketing package so very wrong?

Time and time again I come across websites and content which have vague, generic keywords. The upshot of this is that all of the hard work creating content, optimizing sites is absolutely pointless.

If you are targeting keywords which are over competitive and which have front page domination by Government and authority sites, your business will be relegated to the also-rans on pages 2 or 3 or worse.

Result? Minimal traffic. Minimal sales. Under-performing website!

OK! Lets give a brief outline of what you should be looking for in keyword phrases.

Firstly – keywords are the phrases which people are typing in to the various search bars (mainly Google at about 70% of searches) when they are looking for an answer, a product, a solution to a problem or a service.

There are many different tools which aid the experienced marketer to uncover the most searched phrases online (we use several of these). By using these tools we can find phrases which are already getting high traffic on a monthly basis and we are able to dig deeper depending on whether we are looking at a global or a local search – obviously there is no point in a plumber being found in search results in another country. Having a top SEO consultant is essential here.

But, here is the important part.

There is no advantage gained from marketing on particular keywords if they are not the phrases your potential customers are typing in. You may find top search keywords with an awesome amount of traffic but these people may not be your customers. Finding keywords which directly reflect the thoughts of your customers is the art here.

We want buyers, not browsers!

This is why we at High Profile Enterprises work very closely with each of our clients to get laser-focus on the mindset of the customers who already have their credit card out and are ready to buy!

Once we have established the best niche keywords we look at the keyword search popularity.

We will find the best keywords with the highest amount of traffic available.

Then we will analyse the competition on each keyword we find.

How many other websites are optimized for this phrase?

What is the page rank of the competing websites?

Is there paid advertising (Adwords) on this phrase? (this represents there is money to be made on this keyword)

How effective is the SEO of the competing pages?

What formats and platforms are used? eg articles, press releases, web 2.0, video, blogs, websites…

Using these techniques we are able to establish a very high likelihood of front page domination for this particular phrase.

Then we set about collecting a range of related keywords to use in the content in order to establish expertise in this area and to get rewarded by the search engine spiders.

Finding keywords which are going to translate into sales is the crucial skill here.

Keyword research is a highly specialized skill and is a foundation stone to your online sales success.

Imagine dominating multiple front page positions for a “buyer” keyword which has 10,000 monthly searches!

Imagine then if you were able to dominate 10 or more of these keywords!

If having large numbers of potential customers clicking through to your website is appealing (and it should be!)go ahead and send us a message on our contact page – click this link:  High Profile Enterprises