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Google Maps To Accelerate Small Business Internet Marketing

If you have a business which may benefit from leverage in Google Places (maps) and Local Listing websites there are a number of major benefits to getting this technique right – first time.

The sort of businesses which will reap the rewards from this type of campaign are typically retail or service oriented. If you have a retail store or you are in any business which involves the need for customers to be somewhere relatively close to you : Doctors, mechanics, plumbers, therapists, lawyers, accountants, retailers, fitness centres, restaurants and so on.

No use trying to book an appointment with some business in another city or even country. So if you are in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch or you are searched on the Internet by a customer from your own suburb in New Zealand by using these strategies you will show up for keywords above some pretty heavy duty SEO optimized sites even if your website has minimal page rank.

And it doesn’t matter which country you use this technique in – your local searchers will find you!

This is why Google has created this very powerful option.

Not all search engine optimization companies are using this method to secure top Google placement (front page Google results) yet it is consistently quick and very effective and very few businesses are aware of it’s existence.

Also you are able to get front page results for a Google map as well as SEO driven organic search results – at the same time.

Double whammy!

Maps hit the results in positions 3-8 but because of the visual nature the result is very eye-catching and they tend to get clicks.

What are the Google Maps Secrets?

Ok, there are a few very important techniques to use when setting up a fully optimized listing.

First up your business website MUST be optimized correctly…

Each page must be optimized for completely unique, keyword loaded title tags, meta descriptions and meta tags. Sure Google ignores the tags but the other search engines still read them.

These must relate to what is actually on the page or you are wasting your time.

Also the structure of the website is important…

An About Us page is essential as is an informative Contact Us page and the Home page must be optimized for your most important keywords.  Linking these together correctly is important too.

Now we are ready.

If you don’t already have a Google account – set one up.

Claim your Google Maps website at Google’s Local Business Centre. When filling these details out be as full and informative as possible.

Tip: when describing your business you will be suggested categories by the Local Business site – use these suggestions! It will help your results substantially.

Add images, videos and anything else you are asked for.

Be as descriptive as possible!

Make sure you are showing in the Google map in the correct position and check the Street View version.

Now for the clincher… Citations!

What are Citations?

These are like votes from websites with authority (much the same as back-links for a standard SEO campaign) and the more citations you have with your website the better for your Google ranking.

How do we get citations?

It is time consuming and there is no short cut here (avoid software submissions – this will kill your listings). You must manually submit to as many Local Listings relative to your niche as possible. Each time your business listing is published this is a citation.

If you have a business in New Zealand these listings would be business listing sites such as:









Note: you will have to set up a full profile on each of these sites.

and there are many more…

US sites could be yelp, cityvoter, yahoolocal, infoUSA, and so on…

To find local listings in your area simply type in to the Google search “local business listings” then the city or country you are in.

So that’s the citations.

Next you want to attract reviews.

Ask your regular, satisfied customers to post a review at the Google Maps listing for your business.

The more reviews you can attract the better.

Also post any special deals or special events with Google places – these get you points as well.

Is that it?

There are a couple of more complex SEO tweaks you can add to this basic outline but everything I have shared above will get your listing serious top Google Placement for the keywords your website is optimized for.

It is a very powerful method of online website advertising.

Once you have begun to see your business consistently at the top of the search engine results you will see a large increase in customers visiting your business website.

Google Maps/ Local Listings is one of the many online marketing techniques that High Profile Enterprises uses to get results.

Either as a stand-alone tactic or in tandem with social media or a full SEO campaign, the power that these strategies have in growing a business is pretty amazing.

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