10 Facebook Mistakes That Will Get You Unliked, Unfriended, Blocked, Reported And Even Banned!

Everyone is on Facebook, right?

Now over half a billion users are on Facebook which means that if Facebook was a country it would be the third largest country in the world…

Impressive isn’t it!

And everyone knows that Facebook is an endless source of leads, traffic, and anything else you could possibly want.

This is the main problem – so many people throw themselves at Facebook with a frenzied “market at everything that moves” approach which is doomed to failure.

Social Media MistakesSo here I have compiled 10 Facebook mistakes which will not only annoy many, many Facebook users but will no doubt get your butt kicked off the platform if you persist!

Facebook Mistake #One

When you accept a friend request follow up by posting a link to your “get rich quick” business opportunity on the new friend’s wall! This is a classic and it happens over and over again. Why would you even think someone would be happy to have you post a great big fat advertisement on a wall which most people try to make reflect who they are and what they do…

Facebook Mistake #Two

Comment on a thread where people are having a conversation by adding something that is completely unrelated followed by a link to your iPad giveaway, business opportunity or whatever. Now everyone will of course appreciate you doing this… Think of it like being at a party having a really interesting conversation with someone and a complete stranger walks up and interrupts with “I made $17,341 in just three days last week! Find out how you can too!” Hmmmm….

Facebook Mistake #Three

Link your Twitter account to your Facebook account. This will save posting on both, after all it’s all about leverage isn’t it? Wrong! What will happen is that your constant stream of tweets will appear on all your friends newsfeeds… over and over and over again. You know what happens next … Remove friend, remove friend, block etc.


Post your business link on the wall of every group you belong to – as many times as you can. Don’t be concerned that your mug shows up in the notifications of every other member of the groups you are spamming. You know what happens next…


Be abusive or inappropriate. I am astonished by some of the offensive garbage posted by some. The rule stands – Do not post anything on the Internet that you would not be comfortable to have printed in large letters on a billboard in the busiest street in your city with your face next to it.


Click on that post that appears from nowhere on your wall that says “Find out who stalks your profile” or “You look so funny in this video” or even “See the video uncut here of the killing of Osama Bin Laden”. Groan… no you can’t see who stalks your profile, why would someone you don’t know have a funny video of you? Get smart, these are all created by hackers and when your account starts spamming everyone’s walls you know what happens next…


People really love it when you send them something from one of those cool applications… don’t they? You know the ones: I just answered a question about blah blah, or here is a birthday calendar they can be tagged in, or any number of other totally useless time-wasters. Yes your friends will love this… I don’t think so!


If you look through the list of people online right now you can pop up and say Hi. They won’t mind if they are working because they really are interested in answering questions about their marital status and they really need the “Cash Explosion Forced Matrix Business Elite Pro Program” which has made you… nothing yet, but just wait!


If you go to every one of your friends’ profiles you can send them a generic, copy and paste message about your business and what it will do to give them the lifestyle they deserve and you can give them a valuable affiliate link to get them started. You can get away with about 20 a day before Facebook gets mean… uh huh you know where this is leading.

And Facebook Mistake #Ten

When you get lots of friends all you have to do is post status updates saying how amazing your business is with a link to your landing/ squeeze page and the avalanche of traffic will be phenomenal. You will have to do this several times a day to make sure no one misses this vital message… no, sorry, same result as all of the above. Remove friend, block, report…ban!

Sounds like a bit of venting doesn’t it – and you may be right.

Facebook can be an incredible business resource when used correctly – give value, give value and communicate with other like-minded people – simple concepts really!

I am sure that if you are visiting the High Profile Enterprises blog you are probably not indulging in any of the irritating practices outlined above.

What is your experience?

Any major Facebook mistakes which I have omitted?

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Thanks and all the best!