Wake-Up Call for Brick and Mortar Businesses – Social Media Marketing Does Work!

Brick and mortar businesses need a wake-up call – for their own sake!  Many are taking a long time to figure out that marketing has taken a giant leap into a completely new social arena which has not only transformed the way we live our lives but also the way we conduct our businesses.

And for those of you who think social media is just for the young ones, think again.

Social media for businessesUsers in the category “aged 55 and over” are increasingly connecting with companies through social media.

Agreed, it has taken mature web users a few years to embrace social networking, but they are now becoming the fastest growing segment of users on Facebook and Twitter.  The interesting fact is that they are also developing social media habits that have previously been the domain of younger adults and that is – connecting with brands.   Statistics show that in November 2010, the mature audience (over 50’s) had actually begun to close the gap – and by April 2011 up to nearly half of them were connecting with brands.

Erik Qualman writes in his book Socialnomics:  How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business that “By 2012, eMarketer projects that more than 800 million users worldwide will participate in social networks via their mobile device, up from 82 million in 2007.”

Meeting these new challenges as well as leveraging these new opportunities will definitely require new skills and new tools!

When you consider people who have owned brick and mortar businesses for years – family businesses that have endured over many decades operating under a completely different paradigm, you can understand why it has been hard for them to adapt and change their thinking to embrace this new social media phenomenon, but as the facts show they are quickly coming around.

They are business people after all and their objective is to increase profits and to do that, they know they have to stay up with the latest business trends.

Ask anyone who has had a successful social media campaign created for them and they will tell you that social media for businesses is increasingly becoming THE most successful way to market your business, not only to see rapid growth and cost effective results, but to gain access to targeted demographic and geographic profiles, giving endless possibilities to do businesses with customers locally and globally.

This has to be recognised as one of the most amazing ways to reach your customer without spending thousands of dollars.  And best of all, once you know how it works, you can manage it yourself.

Through social media you can get your advertising message across to a huge number of people, you can build business relationships with important people in your niche and you can keep an eye on what your competitors are doing!

The benefits of social media for companies, small businesses, large corporations, government agencies or even sole traders become quite obvious. This an incredible way to connect with collaborators, business partners, employees, contractors…

…if you use it correctly!

SEO and social media are the most powerful ways to generate growth for a business today!

It may take a leap of faith on your part!

We have clients who have shifted from “recession downward spiral” to breaking sales records – month after month – with the addition of a highly focused, high profile, social media campaign.

One of our clients sent one tweet on Twitter about a particular Champagne and received over $1,000 in orders on their website within half an hour…

Another client experienced an 84% growth in website traffic after 3 months, mostly from their own country and niche!

It is your choice whether you continue to ignore the potential growth social media and SEO can offer your business.

Are you interested yet?

Is this your wake-up call?

Love to hear your thoughts on this – leave a comment and give us some feedback.