10 Personality Types You Don’t Want Managing Your Social Media

It is absolutely essential that your social media business pages are managed by someone who understands your brand, your company philosophies and the goals of the social media campaign.

Too often we see the reins being passed to a junior staff member because they already have a Facebook page or are on Twitter! Or anyone who knows anything at all about Facebook or Twitter.

Prepare for the slow-motion train wreck that will inevitably follow.

Take careful note of the recent celebrity tweets that have landed the tweeter in hot water or the badly handled brand reputation crises that have gone viral and done irreparable damage to the company name.

This is an area that needs professional management…

But just for a bit of fun I have outed the personality types that you want absolutely nowhere near your social media marketing management!

1. The Reactive Type

You know this one! Every communication from another social media user which seems like it is in any way critical is replied with a serious put-down or an insult. Think of the stand-up comic delivering a witty one-liner to a heckler. Except in social media it isn’t humourous at all – it looks like your company is paranoid and has a bit of a nasty streak! And you will alienate not only those that the sarcasm is directed at but most other people who read it as well.

2. The non-listener

Yes, a very familiar beast this one. You know the people you are in the middle of a conversation with who can’t wait for you to finish what you are saying because they have something way more important to share. They are likely to talk over the top of you and glaze over as soon as you reply so they can think of the next momentous comment! Put these ones in charge of your social media pages and they will talk at people all day long but never engage in a real conversation by actually listening.

3. The Drunk Tweeter

Oh dear! It has been a fun night out hasn’t it? “I’m abshowludely fiiine… I might just share some really hilari… hilari… funny things on Twitter…” That’s not the company account you have just logged into is it? This is probably not the best time to make fun of the CEO of the company is it? And you may not think that photo you took on your iPhone at 1am is quite so funny in the cold sober light of day! D’oh!

4. The social media know-all

I love these ones. These are the social media under-achievers who decide to give everyone advice about how they should conduct themselves online. Lines like “well, that’s a Twitter death sentence” coming from someone with 134 followers always amuses the recipient (unless the recipient is personality type 1 of course). They almost always fail to look closely at who they are offering advice to before offering it. So it is really amusing when one of these bozos tries to tell one of the most successful social media personalities what they should be doing!

5. The social media telephone type

These ones are easy to spot! They are on social media every minute of the day sharing what aisle of the supermarket they are in, what they are eating, the weather and a million other less consequential witterings like… sorry I forget what they all are! They have taken the fact that social media should be about engaging with people and having conversations to an extreme – most of their threads are characterized by “uh-huh”, “yep”, “do you think?”, “might be” and lots of other fascinating snippets.

6. The Stalker

Again pretty self-explanatory – these ones develop an unhealthy fixation with certain other social media users. The initial interest is flattering but when every post you have ever added to Facebook is liked and every tweet ever from you is retweeted it starts to get a bit creepy. These are the ones celebrities hire big guys with reflect sunglasses to protect them from 24/7! Now you think – how easy is it to find out where I live? (It’s the Internet dummy!)

7. The potty-mouth

Can’t help themselves! Sometimes aided a bit by a tendency toward type 3. Sometimes just completely unable to grasp the concept that this stuff is very, very public. So, if you can’t keep the f-ing and blinding out of your typed communication you probably shouldn’t be representing the online reputation of a business. Unless the business brand relies on being offensive of course then you will be in your element.

8. The introverted novice

Kind of the opposite of type 5! This one is terrified about being out of their depth and so tries to limit any communication and any sharing to the bare minimum. “It’s all about not over-sharing – people don’t want to be bombarded with stuff every day. I only post things when they are really important!” Nope, sorry, this is social media which means you better get used to the information overload that comes with the territory.

9. The serial spammer

Familiar to us all. You know these guys are the ones who send you a friend request and when you are polite and accept they instantly hit you upside the head with an AMAZING, never to be repeated, forced matrix, MLM, wealth generating, million dollar elite business opportunity for just 25 bucks – no catches. And when you block them they pop up again with another profile under a slight name variation and try again… and then you realize there are dozens of these blood-sucking zombies all with the same profile picture. And you have to kill them one by one!

10. The Bore

If someone’s offline conversation is usually scintillating enough to induce a coma then you can quite reasonably expect the same results when you ask them to look after your social media pages. It’s not their fault! But, if you find you constantly have to find excuses to get away from someone who has some strange parallel with the Tsetse Fly they would not be the smartest choice.

Well, there’s 10 – that was pretty easy. Who have I missed?

What other personality types can you think of that would have a catastrophic effect on your business social media results?

Feel free to jump on in!

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