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First up though – a pic of our old Magnolia tree reminding us that Spring is not far away with its beautiful pink buds.

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Here are a selection of the best articles we have found from top bloggers, marketers, social media strategists and search engine optimisation specialists.

SEO / Search Engine Optimisation

Nine Articles for Serious WordPress Publishers

If you’re a WordPress fan (or not) you won’t want to miss these nine articles showing the value of an online platform that does convert!

How to Conduct an On-Page SEO Site Audit

It’s one of the first steps any good SEO consultant will do before beginning a project and this detailed post talks you through the crucial steps of a site audit.

Google Will Penalize Sites Repeatedly Accused Of Copyright Infringement

Beware the latest penalty from Google that could see your site taking a dive in search results and find out why it’s dubbed “The Emanuel Update.”

How Google Finds Unnatural Links to Your Website

Are you keeping the right company?  When it comes to Links Google has warned us… hang around in the wrong neighbourhood and you will surely get into trouble!

Social Media

Why do you need to be on social media?

Still have a fear around Social Media?  Haven’t got time to invest in it?  Here are just three of the best and biggest reasons why it’s time to adapt and embrace it – audience reach, brand awareness and conversation.

20 Social Media Divas You Should Be Following

Top content marketing bloggers, business bloggers, social media and business resources, these influential women are high achieving Divas and the entrepreneurs of today.  Follow their successful blogs and learn from some of the most creative minds on the Web!

How to Develop a Social Media Editorial Calendar

Developing a Social Media strategy needs planning and commitment, just like any other business process to make sure you are acheiving your goals and staying on track.  Here is a great resource on how to track and manage your progress.

6 Tools to Create a Social Media Dashboard

It’s no longer a “hit and miss” arena and the best way to be effective on this platform is monitoring!  Choose any of these six tools from basic to the more detailed options for professional use that includes scheduling, linking and much more!


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