Weekend Wrap 7 – More Google Leaks, Future of SEO, Rock your Blog


In this Weekend Wrap we uncover leaked changes to Google Webmaster Guidelines, what to expect for future SEO, how to create a great new Twitter header and some great advice on blogging you will want to emulate.

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This week’s photo – a seagull soars above the wind drifts as two surfers head out to catch some waves at Muriwai Beach.



SEO / Search Engine Optimisation

Google May Soon Update Its Webmaster Guidelines

Are there changes afoot to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines?  And why did Patrick Sexton from FeedTheBot remove his recent post from two Google employees which “were not meant to go public yet.”   Doh! Interesting… (cracks in the empire’s PR schedule?)

SEO & the Dawn of Visual Social Media

A look at what to expect in SEO from Brett Tabke – CEO of Webmaster World and Pubcon (so he should know). Where is SEO heading in the next 12 months or so? (crystal ball anyone?)

Comparing Backlink Data Providers

Want to know what the best link analysis tool is?  Is it Ahrefs, SEO Majestic or Mozscape?  Pretty detailed research here on which tools perform the best. In the post-Penguin world an understanding of link profiles is more important than ever.

5 Outstanding SEO Personalities in a Quick Interview

Insights from 5 great SEO experts. Ann Smarty, Neil Patel, Aleh Barysevich, Peter Attia and Moosa Hemani share wisdom on what SEO is today with brief responses on SEO strategies, analytics and more.


Social Media / Content Marketing

4 Quick Tips for a Better Twitter Header

Have you created your new Twitter header yet?  You now have the ability to create a Facebook/Google+ styled header for your Twitter profile. Check out these tips to ensure you don’t make a mess of it!


B2B Marketing Innovation Tips from Tim Washer of Cisco

Great interview with Tim Washer of Cisco about storytelling and B2B marketing strategy – Senior Marketing Manager or Corporate Comedian? Great insights!

5 Key Steps You Must Go Through Before Publishing Anything on Your Blog

You want to make sure your latest post is worth your readers’ time, so just before you hit publish have a look through this checklist to be absolutely sure that you haven’t made a mistake, or haven’t left anything out – it’s a good habit to cultivate.

6 Copywriting Mistakes That Shatter Conversion Rates

What bores one reviewer might compel another?  Getting your point across, testing for conversion and long sales pages – are they read or dismissed as too wordy?   Read on for some good advice.

Well, that’s it for another week. We hope you are enjoying the Weekend Wrap and that you are getting some valuable insights into the incredibly fast moving world of search, social, content marketing and all the other permutations involved with having a business with an internet presence.

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