Weekend Wrap 11 – Google Disavow Tool, Penguin Proof, Genius Marketing!


In the Weekend Wrap this week the big buzz in SEO is about Google’s new Link Disavow tool. We have a great step by step guide but questions remain about Google’s motives for offering this feature and whether you should risk using it. Other featured posts include 10 innovative ideas that have changed marketing forever from Hubspot, Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOmoz, takes a whiteboard session explaining why link building is becoming link earning, an epic post from Ana Hoffman that teaches you how to promote your blog posts like there is no tomorrow and much more.

This week’s photo – a beautiful Clivia Grandiflora in our garden.


SEO / Search Engine Optimisation

Google Link Disavow Tool: The Complete Guide

The big news in SEO circles this week was the release of the Google Disavow tool. The debate rages about whether the tool is simply a “super snitch” technique so Google can identify and punish spammy sites or whether it really will be used to combat negative SEO. We will watch early data with interest.

Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOmoz takes this Whiteboard Friday and explains why link building for SEO has shifted more toward link earning. As a thought leader in SEO there are not very many people as influential as Rand so it pays to listen to what he has to say.

5 Monthly Website Maintenance Tips for Small Businesses

This post is a great starting point for keeping your website healthy and fresh. I am always surprised (shocked) to see how many people invest a ton of time and money into their site then leave out of date, irrelevant content live on their site. Keep it updated, keep it interesting and keep it technically sound – good tips here.
Really like this post from Jeremy Morgan (no relation? Mike?). He talks about how to make sure your online strategies are not hurting your online business and adds some smart ideas around not being a jerk, not having a potty mouth, admitting that you don’t know everything and a few others that you don’t usually see in SEO advice posts.


Social Media/Content Marketing

This is an epic (and I mean epic!) post by Ana Hoffman of Traffic Generation Cafe. This is so filled with powerful strategies it will take a while to implement them all. I can guarantee that if you use even a third of what is covered here you will see substantial improvement in your online results!


10 Genius Ideas That Changed Marketing Forever

Here we have ten brilliant innovations that have changed marketing from an ebook that covers 100 of them from Hubspot. Some of what is covered and explained here – agile marketing, gamification, inbound marketing, citizen journalism, social proof and viral content. Excellent!
Top notch infographic from the people at Unbounce. This outlines the inbound marketing process from strategy to website to generating leads, converting them and measuring everything along the way. Unbounce are a regular feature in the Weekend Wrap for good reason. Check it out!


Following up on the incredible Red Bull sponsored leap by Felix Baumgartner this week, Sonia Simone – CMO of Copyblogger talks about epic business and what is required to create something amazing “If you’re going to build something — a business, a blog — that takes our breath away, it has to take your breath away first.” Love it!


Well, that’s it for another week.

We hope you are enjoying the Weekend Wrap and that you are getting some valuable insights into the incredibly fast moving world of search, social, content marketing and all the other permutations involved with having a business with an internet presence.

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