Shockwave Flash has crashed – How to fix it once and for all!


Are you sick of super slow browsers and constant crashes and every time the culprit is Shockwave Flash?

Is this familiar?



Well, fear not!

This problem was really bugging me a few months back and it got to the stage where I was going out of my mind because of the frustratingly slow browser.

Hey, Chrome is supposed to be fast, right?

So I tried Firefox for a while…

That was even worse (sorry Firefox fans!)

The next step was to try Google…

A highly laser focused Google search – multiple phrases and  tricks to get through the rubbish to a real solution.

Now that was a joke!

You may have already found a few of the sites I went to.

Why do tech guys have to over-complicate every thing they do?

The huge amounts of code changes, browser settings and PC setup adjustments blew my poor feeble SEO mind!

Finally I found the Shockwave Flash has crashed solution!

And it was easier than you could imagine.

No complex changes to your computer, no rocket science…

I can’t speak for Mac fans as I use PC (maybe Mac fans don’t have the same problem?)

One caveat – this solution is for if you are crashing using multiple windows on an under-powered system. If you are having shockwave issues while watching videos this will not work for you (sorry!)

Follow these easy steps:

1. type  about:plugins  into your browser

It will redirect to  chrome:plugins

2. Scroll down until you find Adobe Flash Player Shockwave Flash and click the Disable link. (you may even find two versions so try disabling one of them first to see if this works)

3. While you are here take a look at all the other unnecessary browser plugins (Quicktime player, Adobe reader, Silverlight etc) and disable them as well.

You may be thinking “Hey, I use Adobe reader and Silverlight etc”  but guess what? You should already have these downloaded if you use them so you DO NOT need them as plugins on your browser as well.

Oh, and while you’re at it why not go to that nice little set of 3 horizontal lines in the top right corner of your browser (customize and control Google Chrome)

Go to Tools

Then Extensions

Is there anything you don’t use there?

If you are terrified that you might get rid of something important just uncheck the enabled box.

Then you can always re-check it later if you like.

Personally I’d trash anything I don’t recognise.

One last step:

Same place – this time Tools > clear browsing data:

Check the top 4 and choose how far back you want to go.

Note: if you go to the beginning of time you will lose all that handy auto-complete URL stuff that makes visiting sites you visit often easy!

Now, if you are unable to watch a video you just have to go to about:plugins and enable the plugin again temporarily. A hassle I know but better than those frustrating crashes.


Simple – no more crashes, browser returns to normal speed, blood pressure reduces, bad language minimises, peace…

I could go on a big rant now about how the big companies intentionally mess with each other and how they ensure that if you are using a competitor’s products that it will be fraught with problems and buggy behaviour and will…








But maybe I’ll do that in a future post.

Happy fast browsers people!