3 Reasons Why Content Writing Is Important for SEO

Content writing

Google is smarter than you think.

And it’s getting smarter every day.

In fact, Google tweaks its algorithms on average 3 times per day, constantly evolving to meet users’ search queries and help them find what they are looking for.

Long-gone are the days when simply filling your site with keywords will get you noticed and onto their first page. Today, how you write is just as important as what you write.

Good content writing is essential if you want to rank with Google, and for various reasons. This short article will explain the main three.

Google exists to solve a problem

It’s a common misconception that Google itself is an encyclopaedia. Instead, it points the way to someone who has the answer, making it more like the librarian rather than the library (apart from the instant answers panel that is).

People go to Google to find a solution to a problem; When is the best time to do the Tongariro crossing? Should I have my amalgam fillings removed? Where can I buy extra virgin avocado oil?

Google’s priority is to find you someone who can answer your query quickly, honestly, and thoroughly.

Their latest algorithms are designed to filter out the nonsense and get straight to the experts. Search Task Accomplishment is the latest ranking factor Google has added to its arsenal.

Basically, sites will now be ranked (amongst other things) on how useful their content is. That means writing a load of boring stuff, no matter how factually correct it is, might not rank because no-one wants to read it.

Conversely, if you write something that’s easy to read and entertaining, it still has to be useful and answer the initial search query.

Finding that balance is the Goldilocks Zone – entertaining and informative. This is where good content writing lives.

social media shares

Quality writing will spread itself

That’s not to say traditional SEO tactics are meaningless. It’s still important to get those clicks!

Quality content will take on a life of its own if it resonates. Videos, blog posts, and memes go viral for a reason; people like them.

No matter how niche your market is, there are other people in that niche. Speak to them on a level they not only understand, but feel an emotional connection to, and they will happily share your content with others.

Social media shares and backlinks are still important when it comes to SEO and ranking, and Google will soon take notice if people are referring others to your content.

You need to give Google something to work with

Fads, trends and styles of websites come and go.

A couple of years ago, one page scrolling websites were all the rage. This minimalist style may have looked nice, but without any content, Google didn’t know what the sites were for, and so didn’t rank them.

Going back to Google’s raison d’être, they want to answer people’s questions and queries. If you don’t have content on your site, it’s hard to know what you do.

If a tattoo studio only has images of tattoos and no written content, Google won’t send people there if the questions is “Where can I get a Maori tattoo in Auckland?”.

Having a blog post or page talking about Maori or Ta Moko tattoos will increase the chance of Google taking notice and sending people their way.

Without well-written, informative content, you’re driving at night with the headlights off.

SEO - search engine optimization

Content Writing as part of SEO

SEO is a multi-headed dragon, and it seems every time a head is cut off (keyword stuffing) two more take its place (Search Task Accomplishment, Social Media Shares).

SEO is a mix of many ingredients, and content writing is a huge part of that mix.

High-quality writing must be informative but not boring, and entertaining but not unprofessional.

It’s a difficult tightrope to walk, which is why Google rewards websites who manage to pull it off.

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