How to write the perfect blog post in 2019 with these top 5 tips


Welcome to 2019! It’s a new year and a new opportunity to look ahead and make plans and set goals. The online world is set to evolve yet again this year, with content a strong area of focus. In 2019, the perfect blog post will be all about balancing the tried and true with the fresh and new.

We all like to think we have a pretty good grasp on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to writing blog posts.

And, for the most part, we do.

But there is always an opportunity for growth.

If you were to do the #10yearchallenge on blog posts, you would see how much you have improved over the past decade.

So what blog post techniques are here to stay and what can we look at improving on?

Here are our top five ideas for writing the perfect blog post in 2019

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Keep the techniques that work

As the old saying goes: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We’re not about to throw away the techniques that have stood the test of time when creating the perfect blog post in 2019.

The techniques we’ll continue to see are mainly around formatting and structure. It doesn’t mean you can’t improve in these areas, it just means you need to focus on how to make them better, not change them altogether.

Remember, the way you’ve made your blog post look matters just as much as what you’ve written.

Make it easy to read. You want to draw in your audience at first glance. If your blog post is disjointed and full of lengthy paragraphs and blocks of dense text, it’s not going to be very inviting.

Keep your paragraphs short and concise.

Consider the length. Too long and it’ll be off-putting. Too short and you’ll look like you don’t know what you’re doing. Find a good middle ground that covers all the information and the perfect length for the reader.

Use graphics. They’re not just there to make the blog post look pretty. Your readers will look before they read. Interesting graphics are necessary as they help to convey your topic.

Find unique ways to solve problems

A perfect blog post is there to solve problems for its reader. It will be useful, offer a solution to a problem and be to-the-point.

Too often blog posts are full to the brim with common-sense advice. While there is still room in the world for this kind of advice, try to give your readers something they may not have thought of yet. They have come to you for advice, so give them the best advice you can.

Use your titles wisely and address problems within them.

Make it easy for readers to see what ideas you have at a glance.

Compelling headlines and effective H2 headings should create a great first impression.

And first impressions count, even in blog posts!

Meta descriptions and CTAs are as important as ever

If not more important than ever.

Meta descriptions and CTAs (Call to Actions) are often misconstrued as the tail-end of blog posts. Many people neglect to focus on these at all. The truth is, if you’re not writing compelling meta descriptions and CTAs, you’re not going to achieve the perfect blog post in 2019.

So what makes the perfect meta description?

There sure is an art to this.

That tiny little excerpt in Google counts for so much.

Sometimes you nail it first go, other times it’s a long process of trial and error.

All in all, your metadata should be a short, sharp summary of what your blog post is about.

Make sure you leave enough characters to include a Call to Action within your meta description.

Don’t dismiss the value of a good Call to Action when creating the perfect blog post. You don’t have to wait until the end to throw in a CTA. You can place a CTA subtly here and there to keep reminding your reader of what they need to do to solve their problem.

Conduct keyword research for the perfect blog post

Ultimately, you want your blog post to perform well and to do so, you need to be using the right keywords.

By determining exactly what people are searching for, it will be easier to write a post that you know people will want to read.

Keywords are not always simple to establish (but it’s great when you come up with them quickly!).

It’s often not enough to use a single keyword, and you may want to use long-tail keywords as they account for 70% of all web searches.

Most blog writers understand the importance of keywords and where to use them. If you’ve been writing blog posts without thinking about keywords, you’ll probably find your blog posts have been lost in a sea of others. Be more up with the play this year and establish your keywords before you begin writing.

Quality content is the only content

We’ve touched on quality content in previous posts, but we can’t stress the importance of quality content enough.

Quality content is not just about being grammatically correct. It’s about writing compelling, purposeful content; content that ranks well in Google and that readers find useful. There’s a lot more to this than banging out a few paragraphs and saying “that’ll do”.

No matter how well you think you know the topic, creating quality content begins with researching both the topic and the audience.

From the planning to the execution, you should always be thinking of whether or not your content will be considered top quality by both your reader and, more importantly, by Google (yes, Google knows how to soak up the good content and spit out the bad).

When it comes to writing quality content, don’t let ego get the better of you.

Content is ever-evolving and we are constantly learning how to improve.

In 2019, quality content is simply the only kind of content you should be writing.

perfect blog post 2019

If January is anything to go by, 2019 is looking to be a year of many changes in the world of content writing.

Our team are working hard to introduce new, innovative ideas for creating the perfect blog post and we think we’re well on our way to achieving it.

Writing the perfect blog post doesn’t come easy to all of us.

If this sounds like you, give us a call and find out how the HPE team can take care of this for you.

Your online presence is a key element in running your business successfully.

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