No more excuses if you are serious about starting a blog to build your brand

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So you have decided to get serious about starting a blog this year and you’re committed to creating content. You have a good strategy in place and maybe even an editorial calendar to keep you on track … but you haven’t started yet.

Why not? I guess it’s the long list of things getting in the way:

you don’t have time

you can’t think of any topics

you don’t have the confidence to call yourself a blogger

you’ve never written before

you have nothing to say

you’re too tired

you’re stressed

you’re too busy…

I’m sure there are many more excuses blocking you from getting started.

Well, guess what?

Almost every blogger runs into the same problems.

But it’s up to you to break through these barriers and stop them from getting in your way.

Blogging is a crucial element within your brand-building strategy. Although it may not feel natural at first, the more you do it, the quicker you’ll develop a flair for writing blog posts.

The first step in starting a blog is to address what’s holding you back. Here are some of the most common excuses that may be swirling around your mind.

creating content

People won’t like what I say or agree with my opinion

The internet is a great place for expressing opinions. The best part is that we can choose to take them or leave them.

Blogging is personal.

There are certain topics such as fashion, interior design, health and fitness that result in subjective pieces of writing. And often bloggers just want a means of expressing themselves – that’s okay too.

The point of starting a blog is to share your thoughts, your feelings and your opinions.

If you’re nervous about sharing these things online, take comfort knowing that this is a common feeling for first-time bloggers.

At the end of the day, you have nothing to lose. If someone doesn’t like your post, they’ll move onto another one. On the other hand, if someone does like your post, you’ll see your audience start to grow.

You’ll quickly be able to analyse what kinds of posts work well and what doesn’t work so well. From here you can establish a good writing style that you know will gain traction.

I don’t have anything new to contribute

One of the most common causes of writer’s block is to convince yourself you have nothing important to say or that it’s all been said before.

This isn’t necessarily true. If you’re writing your own blog post using your own thoughts, there’s no way it can be exactly the same as anything else out there. Even if you’re touching on a topic that’s been covered numerous times, different writing styles appeal to different people.

You will have had experiences others haven’t had and this is where your unique point of view comes from.

So many other bloggers are already writing about this topic

Let’s say your industry is selling ballet shoes and you want to blog about them. For inspiration and ideas, you do a Google search and find there are hundreds of blog posts about ballet shoes so you become discouraged.

You’re left thinking there’s simply nothing more you could add about ballet shoes.

Rather than go back to the drawing board, look at it a different way.

The reason there are numerous blogs on ballet shoes is that there are so many people interested in them!

It’s great to stay clued-up on trending topics. And, remember, no matter how many times a topic has been written about, it hasn’t yet been written about by you.

Readers are always on the lookout for new and interesting information.

Give them what they want but with your own personal spin.

My life is already full and there’s no time for starting a blog

Ah, the old ‘I’m too busy’ excuse. We’re all busy these days. Between work life and home life, starting a blog may seem like a low priority.

This is where you really have to make time. If you can’t do that, make the most of spare moments.

Spare moments come up when we least expect it but we often don’t realise how often they happen. Waiting at the dentist, waiting in line at the supermarket, sitting down for breakfast. When these short 10-minute bursts of spare time arise, pull out your phone or a pen and paper and make some notes.

Before you know it, you’ll have the makings of a great blog post and all you need to do is whip it into shape.

Sometimes inspiration will strike at odd times. If you can jot these down whenever they spring to mind, at least you have some good ideas to work with.

starting a blog

Like many things in life, the beginning is always the hardest part.

The best advice I can give you just to start.

Push your doubts out of your mind, throw away your excuses and get writing.

Don’t be discouraged if your first blog post takes a little longer than expected. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll learn how to complete blog posts under time constraints.

Our team of experienced writers cover a huge range of different topics every month. As our clients come from all sorts of industries, we have to adjust to new topics and tones each time we sit down to write.

If coming up with content proves too difficult for you in the end, hand the responsibility over to us.

Not only will we produce excellent blog posts to promote your brand, but we will also ensure that each post will meet the strategic guidelines for SEO. Call us today to find out more.