Why you should hire a professional copywriter for your website

Professional copywriter

People today are more adept at writing than at any other time in history.

From composing and replying to daily emails at work, constant text messaging, and even updating social media, we are more literate than any generation before us.

It’s therefore tempting to think that we can do it all and that writing copy for your own website is entirely within your capability.

Unfortunately, as many people have discovered the hard way, copywriting isn’t something that anyone can do. 

Like any other profession, there is a skill and nuance to it that many people don’t appreciate, which is a good reason to hire a professional copywriter for your business.

Leave it to the professionals

For those who try to DIY their copywriting, one of the biggest shocks is just how long it takes.

Writing isn’t a manual task, it’s a creative one, and as such, depends entirely on the mood of the person writing.

You’ve already got a full-time job, especially if you’re running your own business. 

Imagine working all day, finally getting home, having something to eat, putting the kids to bed, washing the dishes, and then having to sit down and come up with high-quality, informative and interesting copy.

Difficult enough if you’re in good form, but almost impossible after a long day.

Professional copywriters take the stress, hassle and time out of it for you, and they’ll almost certainly do a better job than you.

This isn’t a reflection on you, you may have experience as a writer, but writing for the internet requires an entirely different set of skills.

Article writing isn’t journalism or a personal blog, it’s something different that not many people can do well.

It must be professional, but not boring. 

Informative, but not too technical. 

Interesting, but not glib.

A professional copywriter has their own voice, and it’s one which was forged in the fires of the internet.

It took a long time to get it right, usually years, so best leave it to the professionals.

Copywriter with writer's block

There is a technical aspect you might not be aware of

Website copy – and blog writing in particular – is a huge part of SEO

There are technical aspects behind the scenes which you may not know about, things which can mean the difference between Google moving your site up in the search results or ignoring it completely.

Headings, images, alt tags, open graph tags, meta descriptions and titles, URLs… these all play a part in how your website ranks in any search engine results.

Professional copywriters understand this and know how to tick the boxes Google sets out.

Great blog posts are designed in certain ways, and copywriters can create content that actively leads your users through a specific funnel, resulting in a newsletter sign-up call, or sale. 

These nuances and technicalities are only understood by those in the industry and with experience, making it impossible for anyone to simply sit down and start typing.

Professional copywriting reflects on a professional brand

One of the main arguments for people taking on their own copywriting is an emotional one; “No one knows my business better than me!

That’s true, and it’s also the reason why you should hire a professional copywriter.

You’re too close to your business.

It’s very easy for owners to get lost in the minutiae of their business, wanting to tell potential clients and customers everything about the company, including how they started, who the staff members are, and what type of coffee they use in the staff room.

A professional can take a step back and see your business as a whole, focusing on what is important for your readers and what is not.

And this comes across in the wording used. It’s very easy to spot websites which have used a professional copywriter, and those who haven’t.

Clunky sentences, misplaced commas, and awkward writing can kill your credibility with potential clients, and that’s not even taking into account typos and spelling mistakes.

Effective writing enhances your brand’s image and gives you an immediate advantage over your competitors.

Copywriter working and drinking coffee

Take the guesswork out of your copywriting

Your website is the face of your company, and for many, it’s the first impression.

It is essential you get that first impression right.

Good, concise writing conveys professionalism, competence, and authority.

Hiring a professional copywriter frees up your time, gives you an advantage over your competition, and gets the job done right.

Words tell your story, but only if they are the right words.

Our expert copywriters can transform your thoughts into stunning, informative writing, which is tuned to the subtleties of Google’s latest algorithms. 

Contact us today if you would like to help from the experts when it comes to your writing.