Highlights from HPE content strategies for May 2020

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And, just like that, we are almost halfway through the year and 20 something weeks ’til Christmas. It’s time to review our content highlights for May. During the month of May, many of us were able to resume some form of normality, settling back into work, school, and routines. We’ve had a change of season, we’ve battled through unprecedented times as a collective, and we’ve seen businesses adapt their operations and content strategies. 

May presented a great opportunity for our clients to reach their customers like never before. With more people online and reading, it became a fundamental time to help grow outreach and customer bases.

We’ve had another exciting month for content strategies. And we’ve created another list of highlights from our clients. We’ve had forward-thinking webinars from Ata Regenerative, learned how a company ran as an essential service during the lockdown, and many, many other good reads.

 Sit back, grab a hot drink, and enjoy the High Profile Enterprises Content highlights for May.

Five poor behaviors in business that reflect badly on you -TrinityP3

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If you are in the realm of marketing, PR, advertising, and the like, then TrinityP3 should already be on your radar. Founded by Darren Woolley, TrinityP3 is a global marketing management consultancy that provides extensive services to marketing worldwide. They are also a gold mine for resources and informative content with a library you can subscribe to for access to a wide range of content.

This month’s highlighted post is about 5 poor behaviours in business that affect you and your business image. It is something to take note of, because unfortunately it is universally common – and bad manners are still an issue for businesses. Read the blog post here. 

It is nice to be important, but it is important to be nice. – US Businessman, John Templeton

5 Reasons why Olivado’s extra virgin avocado oil is the best in the world- Olivado

olivado range avocado oils

All good food starts with quality products and ingredients, and as we know Olivado products are the epitome of this. Olivado is the world’s largest producer of quality avocado oil. It’s an excellent source of nutrition and many a chef’s favourite. 

The month of May meant many more of us were creating food at home, whether it be homemade bread, homemade dinners, or home-baked cakes. It was a good learning curve I’m sure for many of us. This month Olivado’s highlighted post, tells us 5 reasons how and why Olivado oil is the best. 

The best part is Olivado began their journey here, in the far north of New Zealand. Fast forward a few years and Olivado has steadily grown only selecting the best organically certified avocados for their products. If you are a foodie, enjoy cooking and healthy eating, or simply want to find out more about Olivado’s story and products then head to the post about Olivado’s oils here.

Creating healthy, vibrant and resilient communities through a Regenerative Cross-Sectoral Collaboration – Ata Regenerative

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Ata Regenerative was founded by Veterinarian Dr. Dr Hugh Jellie. Ata Regenerative is at the forefront of transitional models and systems from industrialised methods to a more sustainable approach in farming. The models and systems focus on regenerative systems that better support climatic, environmental, and economic health. They also focus on creating employment and business opportunities. Dr Hugh Jellie offers educational webinars in relation to these systems, so if you want to discover more about regenerative head to their website.

Ata Regenerative May’s highlighted post looks at answering the following questions, how does a Regenerative cross-sector collaborative framework address major global issues? How can it be applied on a regional level in New Zealand? What does it look like and how does it work?  These are important issues and you can find out the answers here. 

Why quality home networking makes all the difference – DesignerAV

home automation family network

DesignerAV are the go-to tech experts when it comes to design and installation of smart home systems. Derek Crane and his team have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in helping you get the most out of technology in the convenience of your home.

This month’s post looks at why a quality home networking set up at your place is going to benefit your family. We delve into more about the best of the best in-home tech services – Control4 the ‘brain’ and Pakedge networking system.

Don’t know what these are but want to find out more? Click here.

Telco industry: Talent strategy for the COVID crisis – CXC

CXC Telco

CXC was established in Australia in 1992. They play a pivotal role between organisations and contingent workers helping organisations and workers connect better, managing workplace dynamics and processes for organisational growth. CXC enables companies to achieve a competitive advantage through managing contingent workforce quality, efficiency, and risk while reducing costs.

The telecommunications industry is a big one and many organisations rely on these massive machines. From the 1990s through to today, the seismic shift in Australia’s telecommunications industry has been ongoing. CXC looks in detail using case studies at the shifting changes for telecommunications industries through the Covid pandemic. This post looks at how a workplace strategy would benefit the telecommunications industry.

To read this post and find out more about CXCs work in workplace strategy read on here.

Thank you to all New Zealand’s essential workers during the covid crisis – Rapid Facilities

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Rapid Facility Services and their staff have continued to work throughout the Covid pandemic in New Zealand as an essential service. Rapid’s specialised divisions address all concerns relating to cleaning and maintenance of food production, industrial and commercial premises. Whatever the industry and whatever the job, Rapid offers teams of highly trained, efficient, and safety-conscious professionals who will get the job done right, first time.

This month’s highlight from Rapid Facility Services was a thank you to all of New Zealand’s essential services. Working throughout Covid as an essential service they understood more than most the challenges brought about by the pandemic. This post is a thank you to their staff and all New Zealand’s essential workers – together they made it possible to get to where we are now – Alert Level 1.

To read more or if you want to find out more about Rapid Facilities and the services they offer click here.

Why clothing labels are so important in the apparel industry – immago

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immago is a global provider of an extensive range of clothing label solutions, packaging, and more. They have a strong commitment to sustainability and practice this through ethical processes, materials, and manufacturing. immago can create tailored solutions for business – seamlessly managing internal systems to end products.

Today’s consumers are more environmentally conscious than they’ve ever been, and not all materials are made the same way. With so many materials made from plastic (lycra, polyester, nylon for example), consumers now have a real ethical choice about which clothes to buy.

This month’s post from immago talks about why clothing labels are so important, and how they help manage your brand’s identity and consistency. Find out more from immago here.

How quarantine highlights the need to create your own electricity at home – Bright Earth Solar

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Bright Earth Solar is based in Adelaide and offers a range of solar energy systems for domestic and commercial. Bright Earth Solar have put together a team of highly qualified and experienced technicians, who can handle any job, no matter what size.

This month’s post looks at how millions of Australians have made the switch to solar power and creating their own electricity at home and are now reaping the rewards. But there are still many who are paying extortionate rates from the power companies.

They take a look at how the covid pandemic has made people realise they can be self-sufficient. Bright Earth Solar can help you turn your dreams of generating your own power and become self-sufficient – read more about it here. 

Covid-19: Explaining the Government Small Business Cashflow Scheme – Legacy Accountants

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Legacy Accountants provide a wide range of financial and accounting services, they are based in the Bay of Plenty but have customers across New Zealand. Legacy Accountants put their relationship with you first. They believe in building relationships with clients and that is their cornerstone of business.

The Covid crisis has hit businesses hard. The Government Small Business Cashflow Scheme is an interest-free loan to New Zealand small businesses. It is another way small businesses can get assistance after being adversely affected by the Covid-19 crisis. Legacy Accountants created a complete guide to the Government Small Business Cashflow Scheme – a temporary loan from the Government. You can read more about it here.

Three simple easy to apply waterproofing solutions for your property -Cohe Group

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Cohe Group are the people you want to see for all your waterproofing needs and solutions. Cohe offer an extensive range of products and waterproofing solutions including Liquid Rubber. Liquid rubber lends its self to a variety of uses as you will discover in this post. Cohe products have been helping Kiwis all over New Zealand. As the residential need for of waterproofing solutions grew, so too did the need for a flexible solution on a much larger scale. Welcome – Liquid Rubber.

This month’s post is about three solutions that Liquid Rubber waterproofing can help solve. It’s the perfect all-rounder and you can find out more if you head to their website. To find out about three solutions Liquid Rubber can help you with read more here

Top Tips for Warehouse Safety – Pallet Racking Solutions

storage solutions pallets

If you’re looking for experienced storage advice, quality products, service, and installation of racking solutions then Pallet Racking Solutions is here to help. They offer a wide range of storage and racking solutions nationwide.

Pallet Racking Solutions highlighted post for May is all about safety in warehouses.  It’s important to regularly assess and appraise how you can improve your warehouse environment to keep your workers safe. Most warehouses require staff to load and unload pallets on racking, either by hand or with machinery. Your workers must carry these tasks out safely so it doesn’t affect the stability of racking, or damage other equipment.

See Pallet Racking Solutions top tips on warehouse safety here.

Looking forward to the next 6 months

And that wraps up another great month for content highlights. Thank you as always to our clients for another great month, even though it has been another challenging one with the Covid pandemic. Thankfully we are all able to resume some kind of normal.

With only half the year to go, it is going to be an interesting time for all of us. If you’re wondering about ways your business can better engage clients and customers, we can help.

At High Profile Enterprises, we are a team of highly skilled specialists. We have received recognition from some of the largest inbound marketing organisations in the world and have won awards for our business.

If you want to find out more about how we can help with your content and marketing strategies give us a call – we’d be happy to have a chat.