Highlights from HPE content strategies for July 2020

HPE content strategies july Ata regenerative

July was another busy month of managing content marketing strategies for the team at HPE.  Here is another highlights post with the best in content published for our clients in July. These posts cover a multitude of topics and conversations that are relevant and important right now.

We’d like to welcome aboard our new clients, as well as a new team member. As always a big thank you to our current clients. We’ve enjoyed working with you all for another great month.

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As leaders in their respective industries, our clients show insight and in-depth knowledge on a wide range of topics – that you can read about right here, right now.

Did you know more than half the people on Earth now use social media? – TrinityP3

HPE content strategies july TrinityP3

TrinityP3 is a global marketing management consultancy company. With Darren Woolley at the head, TrinityP3 is made up of an impressive team of highly skilled people. The team at TrinityP3 provides tailored marketing solutions and services to companies and organisations around the world and have a huge range of insightful content in their free resource library.

This post by TrinityP3 is packed with impressive info related to the use of social media. In fact, two-thirds of the world’s population now use some form of social media. The statistics are broken up by country, gender, and the platform and show some impressive insights into modern-day technology use. Find out more here.

Finding and keeping the right talent in uncertain times – CXC

HPE content strategies july CXC

CXC work at simplifying the process between contingent workers and companies. Established in Australia in 1992 but their services and workplace solutions are now on a global scale and they operate in more than 50 countries. CXC provides a wide range of services as specialists in talent procurement and HR.

With the current global crisis and uncertainty in employment, CXC has created a guide to finding and keeping quality employees. Organisations are now finding that rather than struggling to find quality talent, they are now having to sift through hundreds and even thousands more applications. If you want to learn more about how to find and keep quality talent then read more here.

Glyphosate found in NZ Manuka Honey – a stark warning! – Ata Regenerative

HPE content strategies july Ata regenerative

Ata Regenerative has been working in agricultural systems for 17 years. Led by Dr. Hugh Jellie Ata Regenerative provides workshops and training across the country to help farmers understand better systematic approaches to farming. They are also the only EOV (Ecological Outcome Verification) providers in New Zealand.

A recent find in New Zealand Manuka honey was traces of the chemical glyphosate. This post from Ata Regenerative looks in more depth at why finding this chemical in our honey should ring alarm bells. They also discuss the use of pesticides and reiterate why regenerative farming is so important in all farming industries. Find out more about the devastating effects of glyphosate here.

Why our organic extra virgin olive oil is the best in the market – Olivado

Olive trees farm. Olive branch with ripe fresh olives ready for

Olivado are leading providers of a range of cold-pressed oils. They sustainably source their products and have a unique process for pressing oils. From small beginnings in Kerikeri New Zealand, they have grown to become a global brand with some of the best oils available on the market.

We have all heard of and use olive oil – but what’s the difference between the different types? Olivado takes a look at why their organic extra virgin olive oils are loved by chefs and people from around the world. If you want to find out more about the properties and processes that make an excellent olive oil then read more here.

Young designers embrace sustainability in the fashion curriculum – immago

With sustainability at their core and an awareness of eco-friendly products and materials, immago are the creators of all the clothing and packaging solutions your business will ever need. They are specialists in providing a range of tailored services for your brand or your business.

Sustainable fashion is an increasing topic of discussion for many around the world. The effects of ‘fast fashion’ and how it affects the planet has led to many sustainable fashion movements across the globe. The best part is more and more educational institutes are focusing their studies in the field of fashion and clothing on sustainable practices. Find out more about the role fashion plays on the planet and why we should understand more about sustainable fashion.

Why commercial food hygiene is more complex than you think – Rapid Facility Services

Man fins something gross in food

Rapid Facility Services are leaders in commercial and industrial business cleaning and maintenance services. Their core focus is on the health and safety of your workplace no matter the industry you’re in. They have an extensively trained team of staff that specialise in a range of services including, food safety, industrial and commercial cleaning and so much more.

This month’s highlighted post from Rapid Facility Services demonstrates their knowledge of the complexities of food hygiene. From large to small commercial spaces they have the equipment, training, and understanding of the important role they play in keeping food manufacturing plants clean and free of bacteria. Find out more about the complexities of commercial food hygiene here.

Which brand of solar panels is the best for your home? – Bright Earth Solar


The team at Bright Earth Solar are experts in solar power systems and solutions for your residential or commercial space. Located in South Australia the team are knowledgeable and experienced in everything to do with solar energy.

This month’s highlighted post from Bright Earth Solar discusses the different types of residential solar panel systems available to you. With an increasing awareness and commitment to saving energy and trying more sustainable ways of living it is an important post to read. If you have been wondering how solar panels can help you not only live more environmentally friendly but save you money read more here.

Here are the top 5 FAQs about heat pump costs and efficiency – Flocon

FAQs heat pumps

If you are considering a heat pump installation, Flocon is the team to see. Flocon pride themselves in quality customer services and are an expert team of certified Mitsubishi Electric heating and cooling system experts. Flocon has aligned itself with the best brand of heating and cooling systems therefore you can rest assured you’ve got the best technology on offer.

This month’s highlighted post discusses some of the top 5 frequently asked questions from people about heat pumps. From the pros and cons of heat pumps to the efficiency of heat pumps they’ve got all your questions answered and you can find out more here.

My Four Day Wildlife & Walking Adventure on Maria Island – Tasmanian Odyssey

If you are planning a visit to the Australian island of Tasmania you need to do it with Tasmanian Odyssey. At Tasmanian Odyssey, their focus is not only on creating a memorable holiday for you but also on the conservation of local wildlife and the environment.

This post follows an adventure and sun-soaked visit around Maria Island, one of the most beautiful islands just off Tasmania’s coast. It is home to a stunning National Park and home to many of Australia’s endangered wildlife. Satisfy your travel dreams to Tasmania here.

Our easy to follow DIY guide to using MG-KRETE for all your concrete repairs – Cohe Group

content strategies july Cohe

Cohe Group are specialist suppliers in a range of innovative products, such as MG-KRETE and Liquid Rubber. The range of products from Cohe are easy to use, perfect for DIYers or commercial projects, and are environmentally friendly. Cohe provides cost-effective solutions with their products suitable for a range of applications.

This comprehensive post from Cohe is the ultimate guide to helping you complete concrete repairs yourself. MG-KRETE has an unlimited range of uses and purposes and is very simple to use. If you’ve got some concrete repairs to make around your home have a read of this post to see how easy it is to do with MG-KRETE.

New Zealand’s number one audio visual specialists – DesignerAV

Close up of a man hand is using a futuristic latest innovative t

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about home automation or how a smart home can work for you then Derek at DesignerAV is who you should contact. DesignerAV are experts in turning your home into a smart home that works for you and your family. Derek has a background in electrical engineering and has worked on an extensive range of smart home conversions and projects.

This month’s highlighted post from DesignerAV proves how good their knowledge is of the smart home and automation solutions and systems. It is your all you need to know guide to everything from speaker systems to Control4 systems and how modern technology can make your life simpler. Find out more about what a smart home from DesignerAV can do for you here.

Auckland’s top wedding venue is back – and better than ever! – Markovina Vineyard Estate


Markovina Vineyard is Estate is one of Auckland’s best wedding venues. But, they are so much more than just a wedding venue, hosting a range of events year-round. They have a selection of settings that will suit your wedding or event including an indoor setting – perfect for winter. You can discover more about their stunning location on their website as well as a complete list of services they offer.  

With the current Covid-19 pandemic and a nationwide lockdown, many couples found that their wedding plans were put on hold. The team at Markovina used this time to expand and improve their services, menu, and offerings for future couples as well as for anyone who was planning a big event. Read more about the changes and updates they’ve made to their already amazing services here.

Anatomy of an Integrated Content and SEO Strategy – High Profile Enterprises

People holds in hand a jigsaw puzzle. Business solutions, success and strategy.

Our team are dedicated to making your business shine online, through quality and well-planned SEO and content strategies. We are intensely proud of the work we do and the results we bring to our clients. We strive to have honesty, transparency, communication, and clarity at the core of everything we do. 

In this month’s post Mike Morgan delves into what a quality integrated content and SEO strategy should look like. It pays particular attention to how strategy and online presence have changed during the Covid-19 pandemic. With constant change, a good content and SEO strategy needs to have several factors that work for business in an ever-changing online environment. This is a must-read post and you can discover more about what a quality integrated strategy looks like here.

That brings us to the end of our round-up of highlighted posts and content strategy highlights for July. 

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