HPE content strategy highlights for September 2020

content strategy September 2020

Welcome to another collection of highlights from content strategies for some of our clients over the past month. Content strategy goes a long way in helping businesses reach customers, generate leads, and more traffic. 

Did you know that businesses who publish regular blog posts get 67% more leads than businesses who don’t?

Interesting isn’t it? 

We’ve helped businesses to grow and reach their customers – answering their questions and giving their customers the information they want and need.

So take a look at some of our content strategy highlights for September and think about how content strategy can work for you.

How microfibres from synthetic clothing are damaging the planet – immago

microfibres immago

immago is the company behind many innovative and sustainably sourced clothing labels, retail packaging, and much more.  immago has been in the industry for a combined 50 years and from their early beginnings in Auckland, New Zealand, immago has grown into a truly global enterprise.  From the fashion quarters of New York to the production engine rooms of Asia. immago are consistently looking at ways to improve their products and offerings in a way that is sustainable, ethical, and environmentally friendly. 

The move from fast fashion to ever-growing mindfulness about the impacts on the environment has been rapidly gaining momentum and acknowledgement on a global scale. The clothing industry and fast fashion have several negative impacts on our environment and an increasing number of businesses in the fashion industry are working towards reducing that impact. The number of microfibres that end up in landfills and oceans is one of those areas that ethically-minded fashion businesses are working on reducing. Find out more about what this means here.

Transform ordinary food into something special with extra virgin peanut oil – Olivado

extra virgin peanut oil

Olivado are producers of quality extra virgin oils for homes, chefs, and restaurants in many countries. Their products are trusted for their flavour, unique pressing systems, sourcing, and ethical practices. Olivado oils can be found around the world and they are the world’s largest producer of extra virgin avocado oil.

Why is extra virgin peanut oil so good? Extra virgin peanut oil has some surprisingly great health benefits and a range of culinary uses. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about extra virgin peanut oil -read on to discover more here.

Why marketing restructures are rarely marketing transformations – TrinityP3

trinityp3 marketing

Founder and Global CEO of TrinityP3, Darren Woolley with his background as an analytical scientist and creative problem solver, brings unique insights and learnings to the marketing process. The TrinityP3 team are global leaders in optimising marketing productivity and performance across marketing agency and supplier rosters.

Many businesses are finding much disruption caused by the Covid19 pandemic, leading many to consider restructuring and reviewing their marketing strategies. A new strategy needs the support of a new structure – but businesses need to make it count. Find out more about how and why here

Ecological Outcome Verification – Giving a Voice to the Land – Ata Regenerative

ata regenerative

After 12 years of global research, investing in and learning about the best environmental solutions for the farming industry Ata Regenerative was founded. At the helm of Ata Regenerative is Dr Hugh Jellie who brings his findings to New Zealand farming to develop future proof methods to support strong, healthy, ecological farming environments. Ata Regenerative is the only certified Ecological Outcome Verification provider in New Zealand.

What is the Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV)? Ecological Outcome Verification or EOV is an approach to measuring your regenerative progress developed by the Savory Institute. EOV allows you to learn and respond to your land and your regenerative journey in real-time. Find out more about EOV and what it can do for you here.

The benefits of a contingent workforce during a pandemic – CXC

cxc covid19

CXC is a global company and a leading provider of contingent workforce solutions. They operate in 50 countries and have offices worldwide. CXC’s approach is to provide local knowledge and expertise, coupled with an unparalleled global reach and scalability. CXC helps you manage your contractors, as well as providing tailored initiatives to improve your workforce quality and efficiency while reducing risks and costs.

During this ongoing pandemic, we’re seeing more organisations engaging contingent workers. For some, this is a new strategy. Perhaps you’re already working with contingent labour, but you’re not realising the full benefit from their engagement. Learn about the benefits of a contingent workforce here.

The best classic kiwi beach holiday in the East Cape, New Zealand – Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park

ohiwa beach

Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park is the perfect place to stay when visiting the southern end of the Bay of Plenty region and is located just 20 minutes away from Ohope and 30 minutes from Whakatane. Owned and operated by Todd and Nola – Ohiwa Beach Holiday Park has plenty of facilities and is conveniently nestled between Ohiwa beach and Ohiwa Harbour and estuary. 

As kiwis, we all love a classic beach holiday! The East Cape offers some of the best scenery, food, and family activities. Come and make memories and have yourself the perfect kiwi beach holiday right here at Ohiwa Beach New Zealand. Want to find out more about what Ohiwaeach has to offer? Read more here.

Waterproofing DIY – our top 3 projects for spring – Cohe

waterproofing cohe

Cohe Group is a New Zealand based business who provide quality, environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and innovative construction products. All Cohe’s products are ideal for a wide range of repairs and solutions for DIYers through to commercial applications. Whether you’ve got a pothole in your drive, a leaking gutter, cracked concrete, or anything in between, there is a full range of Cohe products for waterproofing, asphalt, and concrete repair that will have you covered.

Springtime is the right time to get onto DIY jobs around your home. This post from Cohe Group shows 3 top waterproofing DIY jobs to get sorted now. Liquid Rubber is a specialty product with a vast range of uses and applications. Check out this post to get all your waterproofing DIYs sorted.

Fight Covid19 with industrial cleaning and antimicrobial treatments – Rapid Facility Services

commercial cleaning

Rapid Facility Services are a highly trained professional cleaning service company based in Auckland. They cover a wide range of industrial and commercial cleaning services with a commitment to the highest cleaning standards you will find. They also offer a range of other services for commercial and industrial premises. Their expert divisions are available 24/7 and they will work outside of your operational hours to avoid any disruption in your workplace.

The Covid19 pandemic has highlighted the need for stringent cleaning practices within businesses. It’s important to maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene within commercial and industrial premises – now more than ever. Find out more about antimicrobial treatments and how these can help reduce the spread of viruses including the coronavirus. 

3 Key differences between residential and commercial solar – Bright Earth Solar

solar panels

Bright Earth Solar are experts in a range of solar power solutions for residential and commercial purposes. Based in South Australia, Bright Earth Solar is a friendly and professional team of experts in a wide range of electrical machinery and solar technology, whether it’s installing, repairing, or optimising the latest systems.

Whether you are looking for a commercial or residential (or maybe even both) solar panel system there are some key differences between the two to take note of. Solar power is non-polluting, non-toxic, quiet, and produces no waste materials, so switching to solar is the easiest way to contribute to a sustainable future. Read more about the benefits and differences of residential and commercial solar systems here.

My journey to becoming a Cosmetic Doctor – could it be for you? – Dr Sarah Hart

dr sarah hart

Dr. Sarah Hart is an expert in the field of cosmetic medicine and operates from her clinic based in Auckland. She has spent time training, teaching, and mentoring other professionals both internationally and in New Zealand. Her goal is to help patients feel more positive about themselves and the pleasing results that non-surgical treatments can bring to clients. 

Aesthetic medicine is a fascinating mix of science and artistry. The world of a cosmetic doctor is thoroughly explained in detail from the personal experience of Dr Sarah Hart. What makes a good aesthetic doctor? Could it be for you? What sort of skills do you need? Find out more about Dr Sarah Hart’s journey and what she recommends if you are interested in a career in cosmetic medicine here.

Balance spring weather with a heat pump and air conditioner – Flocon


The Flocon team – Auckland’s air conditioning and heat pump experts – share more than 96 years of experience between them! They offer a wide range of services that include Mitsubishi Electric products and systems to residential and commercial premises. For all your heating and cooling needs, repairs, maintenance, and upgrades they are the team to see. Do it once and Do it right... is the Flocon way.

Spring weather is unpredictable and can take a turn at the drop of a hat. A dual heating system is the ultimate way to keep temperatures regulated and balance the warm and cool with just one remote. Have you been thinking about installing a heating or cooling system? Learn more about Flocon here.

3 common myths about SEO that you need to know – High Profile Enterprises

seo myths

And now that brings us to this month’s post from us (High Profile Enterprises). We are a bespoke close-knit team of various talents and backgrounds – and we create tailored engaging content strategies, SEO strategies, and much more. We work alongside our clients with honesty, transparency, communication, and clarity – at the core of everything we do. 

With many moving parts to SEO, constant updates and changes it’s good to separate fact from fiction. We’ve got our list of some of the 3 most common myths circulating about SEO. Is what you know about SEO myth or fact? Check your knowledge here.


And that officially brings our highlights for September to a close. As you can see successful content strategy can be applied to any business and any industry, anywhere. 

We welcome any questions you may have about how a tailored content strategy works and how it can work for your business. Get in touch with us to learn more. We look forward to talking with you soon.