November 2020 HPE content strategy highlights

With everything shifting more and more to online platforms – even down to customer and business interactions it’s important to think about how your business is reflected online.

The Covid19 pandemic has given businesses that were not online a good push in that direction.

Now customers can shop online and get information online about your business. So how are you presenting it to them?

Have a read through some of our clients’ content highlights for the month of November and see how they connect with their customers.

Our Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is scientifically proven to benefit health – Olivado

Olivado avocado oil

Olivado is the world’s largest producer of extra virgin avocado oil. They have a strong commitment to quality, sustainability practices, and a commitment to their suppliers. The name Olivado is synonymous with exceptional oils and they offer a wide range of different Extra Virgin oils with many taste and health benefits. 

Avocado oil is incredibly beneficial to our health. We look at a few studies that prove just how beneficial it is. In the Ohio State Study, the results showed that the type of fat in avocados helped the body absorb 12 times as much vitamin A from carrots than when the carrots were eaten alone! Find out more about the studies here.

Why your tender process should be about looking for the right agency, not the best agency – TrinityP3

tender process agency TrinityP3

Looking for a new creative agency? Or a new specialist agency? TrinityP3 has a number of ways they can help you search for and select the right agency for your needs. TrinityP3’s comprehensive Search & Selection process provides extensive market knowledge, tightly defined process and detailed evaluation and assessment. 

Today, with agency specialisation, the number of agencies available is exponentially larger. TrinityP3 has details on several thousand agencies of all different types, sizes, and locations. The core responsibility as a consultant is to match the advertiser’s needs to the agencies that provide the right fit. So, if it is not the best agency, what is the right agency? That is a complicated question. But basically, it comes down to four Cs – capabilities, chemistry, creativity, and the commercial arrangements. Read more on Darren Woolley’s insights here.

What is sustainable fashion and why should we care? – immago


immago was founded in New Zealand and they have been a part of the fashion industry for many years. They create tailored solutions for the apparel industry and have everything from packaging to labels and so much more. immago is an innovative business that prides itself on sustainable practices.

It may surprise you to learn that the fashion industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters. In fact, the industry is second only to oil when it comes to pollution, responsible for 20% of global industrial water pollution. So what is sustainable fashion exactly and what can you do about to support it? Read more here.

Exit the federation? New governance structures emerging in NFP organisations – Think Insight & Advice


Think Insight & Advice is helmed by Randall Pearce a trusted advisor to dozens of leaders in asociations, not-for-profit and government.  Think offers core services that help with strategy, consultation, and evaluation processes in these sectors. 

Here, Randall discusses the pros and cons of federated structures in NFP organisations and includes alternative structures for national governance. Find out more about it here.

Six tips on how to hone your contractor skills in preparation for 2021 – CXC

CXC workforce

CXC is Australia’s leading provider of contractor management services. For over 25 years they have enabled individuals & organisations to optimise the many opportunities of contracting. It’s what drives CXC to innovate, grow and seek to achieve more.

Employers are embracing remote working, flexibility, and online technology more than ever before, but that also means that they are valuing different skills and seeking workers that can adapt to this changing landscape. Find out what this means here.

How to be flexible in your logistics management – Pallet Racking Solutions


Pallet Racking Solutions designs, supplies, and installs quality pallet racking and warehouse storage solutions, New Zealand wide. They are a proudly New Zealand owned and operated company providing complete storage solutions for businesses nationwide.

Importing stock, storing it, moving it from one place to another, selling it on, delivery… it’s all a hugely complicated dance that needs to be choreographed with finesse and skill. To do the job right, you need the best tools. Read more about how they can help create a solution for you.

Every company has a story – here is ours – Rapid Facility Services

Rapid Facility service commercial and industrial

Rapid Facility Services are a nationwide industrial and commercial services company. No matter what service is on offer – from industrial cleaning or painting, grounds care to bird proofing they guarantee to deliver. The Rapid team is efficient, highly skilled, and trained in all areas of commercial and industrial services. 

“Every company has its own story – we would like to tell you ours.” This post is about how Rapid became a highly specialised commercial and industrial services company. Read more about Rapid’s story here.

How do solar batteries work and what are the benefits to you? – Bright Earth Solar


Bright Earth Solar is one of the leading solar power system installers in South Australia. No matter what your unique situation, they can find a way to customise a package suitable for you, so you can enjoy all the benefits of a cleaner, more efficient home or commercial premises.

Solar batteries work the same way any other battery works, just on a bigger scale. What is noticeable, is the type of electricity used. Learn more about solar batteries in this post here.

Concrete floor repair – what you need to know – Cohe

Cohe concrete floor repair

Cohe are suppliers of innovative construction products that allow for a quick, efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective repair. The Cohe range is perfect for both DIY and commercial applications. Now well-established in and stocked at most Mitre 10 stores nationwide, Liquid Rubber is clearly a winner. Cohe products are helping Kiwis all over New Zealand in their own backyard.

A concrete floor is a great option for flooring inside or outside your home. It has a great modern feel and is versatile and long-lasting in most cases! However, you may have found the odd crack or chip in your concrete floor and understandably want to fix it. Concrete floor repair can be done quickly and cost-effectively with MG-KRETE.  Find out where to start here.

Tips on how to keep your house cool this summer! – Flocon

Flocon is a team of professional heat pump system installers and technicians and are more than happy to help with any questions you have about air conditioning and heating systems. They offer services to both commercial and residential property within the Auckland region.

Are worried about your energy bill over the summer? This post has got some extra things you can try to reduce your energy use while also getting the most from your heat pump or split air conditioning system. Read Flocon’s tips and tricks in the post here.

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