September’s content highlights from HPE

South Australia home battery scheme

Last month was a fascinating assortment of topics and conversations here at HPE.

We covered everything from roof-top maintenance to info for foodies to the latest COVID-19 information in New Zealand.

As usual, this monthly post is a catch-up of the best articles and blog posts we published for our clients, each one optimized for Google for maximum SEO impact.


Why our macadamia nut oil should be in every kitchen!

Macademia nuts

Olivado has grown from a small avocado oil business in the North Island to a globally-recognised cooking oil brand, with some of the most delicious and unique oils available on the market today.

Their incredible macadamia nut oil brings a fresh, unique flavour to any recipe, as well as a range of amazing health benefits.

Anti-competitive, corporate bully or smart competitive business

competitive contracts

TrinityP3 is a renowned marketing agency, with founder and CEO Darren Woolley considered a thought leader in optimizing marketing productivity and performance across marketing agencies and supplier rosters.

In this post, Darren talks about how big brands tie up the best and brightest agencies in exclusive contracts that effectively take them out of the market. Is this anti-competitive bullying, or just smart business?

Last month we also published a guide for TP3, Agency Selection: The Pitch Consultant’s Definitive Guide for 2021. This guide is everything you need to know about agency selection and the pitch process from one of the world’s leading pitch consultants.

Can we use old cotton clothes to grow new ones?

Growing cotton from cotton

A global company with a wide range of services in the fashion and apparel industry immago values sustainability while carefully managing each aspect of your project, from design to delivery.

In one of the more fascinating posts from last month, we looked into one Australian farmer’s mission to grow cotton using old, shredded cotton clothing. Check out this compelling post here.

Automotive Storage and Supply Solutions from PRS

Automotive storage

If you’re looking for experienced storage advice, quality products, service and installation, then Pallet Racking Solutions can help, especially when it comes to the legal side of building consent.

The automotive industry brings together parts sourced from different markets, companies, and countries, and they all must work together for a safe and functioning end-product. Keeping on top of all of this is a Herculean effort, one which we talked about in this post.

Become an Ecological Outcome Verification Monitor

EOV monitor training

Ata Regenerative are helping Kiwi farms become more sustainable, eventually regenerative, bringing health back to the soil and land. They are currently helping farmers across New Zealand, and even beyond. 

This method of farming is growing in popularity, so much so that more EOV monitors are needed to help. This post explains how you can join the regenerative farming movement and make a difference to New Zealand’s farming and agriculture.

Time for a spring clean! Why roof maintenance after winter weather is important

roof maintenance

Rapid Facilities can help any business in Auckland and the surrounding areas keep their premises clean and up to industry standard, especially important if you’re in the food industry.

This post from last month explains why it’s important to have your roof checked in spring after the harsh winter weather can leave hidden damage. The smallest impairment can cause untold damage to a roof down the line, so get it sorted now!

South Australia’s Home Battery Scheme – what’s in it for you?

South Australia home battery scheme

Bright Earth Solar are South Australia’s leading solar experts. They install, service, and have a range of products to help save customers money on their residential homes.

South Australia is taking renewable energy seriously. Not only has the State met its 2025 targets already, but they’re offering incentives like the Home Battery Scheme. We explain what the scheme is, who it can help, and how to apply for it.

Trust Horizon shares highlights of the year with 2021 Community Update

Trust Horizon update

Trust Horizon is a community-based organisation made up of a skilled and passionate group of representatives from across the Eastern Bay.

The Trust recently published its 2021 Community Update, outlining the highlights of another great year of positive change in the Eastern Bay community. You can read more about it in this post.

Remodelling your bathroom? Keep everything dry with our waterproofing products!

Waterproofing your bathroom

Cohe are suppliers of innovative construction products that allow, for a quick, efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective repair especially for both DIY applications.

Transforming your bathroom on a budget is not only possible but made simple with the right tools. Here are some pointers on how to save a few bucks while keeping everything nice and dry using Cohe’s amazing waterproofing products.

Employment New Zealand – Latest COVID-19 information

New Kiwis employment

New Kiwis offers information, advice, training, and help to immigrant workers in New Zealand. It is a free service provided by Auckland Business Chamber and Immigration New Zealand, with some incredibly useful blog posts.

With COVID-19 still out there, lockdowns, advice, and up-to-date news is constantly changing, but in this post you will find the most recent information given by Employment New Zealand.

Summer is coming! Get your aircon sorted now!

Aircon in the summer

For experts in heating and cooling systems, look no further than Flocon! Based in Auckland they cover the region and not only install heating systems but are also maintenance and repair experts too.

With summer on the way (and it’s predicted to be a scorcher!) every home should have air conditioning. As this post points out, this year it’s even more important to stay cool indoors in case there’s another lockdown due to COVID.

Corporate Storytelling—The Essential Guide

Storytelling guide

Anecdote help to inspire business through storytelling, empowering leaders, salespeople, and employees, helping to bring humanity back into the workplace.

We created this incredible guide for them recently, explaining everything you ever need to know about corporate storytelling in 2021. It covers everything from leadership communication to customer experience, a must-read for anyone in business.

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