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High Profile Enterprises

The HPE Story

The Directors of High Profile Enterprises began work in the digital marketing field in 2005. As independent consultants they won awards for their online sales results and grew their reputations as innovative online marketers.

They decided to create HPE at the beginning of 2010 so they could bring these skills to other businesses. Since then HPE has helped more than 100 businesses in New Zealand and Australia to achieve growth using a combination of digital marketing strategies with a strong focus on SEO and content marketing.

As our team of highly skilled specialists has grown we have received recognition from some of the largest inbound marketing organisations in the world and have won awards for our business.

We were the first New Zealand agency to make the recommended content marketing agencies list at the Content Marketing Institute in New York. Midge Hand is one of a small number of Copyblogger Media certified content marketers. We are also one of two New Zealand agencies recommended by Chief Content Officer magazine in the US. Mike Morgan has been recognised in a number of articles citing the top SEO experts to follow.

HPE also won the Horizon Business Excellence Award for small business in 2016.

Our head office is in beautiful Ohope Beach in New Zealand and our team of experts work from offices around the country. We have also partnered with international experts who bring rare additional skills to our team.

We describe ourselves as S.A.F.E. – small, agile fast and ethical.

If you would like to have a chat about how we can help you contact us here.


We are intensely proud of the work we do and the results we bring to our clients. When HPE was launched we wanted to stand out from the many digital suppliers out there who were using complex jargon and borderline tactics for their clients. We wanted to have honesty, transparency, communication and clarity at the core of everything we do. These values are still one of the primary reasons our clients stay with us for the long haul. We simplify the complex, we articulate clearly exactly what we are doing and how it will bring benefits. We are your partners.


Our most important asset is the people who work for us. We are very proud to have nurtured a team of professional, committed, skilled, communicative, reliable, creative individuals who all bring specific and unique skills to the projects they work on. There is a very high bar to entry for our team so we know we are getting the best. As a smaller agency the Directors of HPE are heavily involved with communication, strategy and implementation. Additionally, specific team members will also be working with you depending on what the scope of your project includes.

Training and education

We work in an incredibly fast paced and occasionally volatile area. Even the major educational institutions are finding that by the time they have approved a curriculum it is already out of date. Change is a given and on any day there may be significant alterations to what is currently best practice. So, we have always had a strong commitment to training and education. We follow the thought leaders closely and have a regime of education and debate to find and implement strategies or adjust our tactics to benefit our clients. This is how we stay ahead.

How can we help you?

The skills and expertise of our team means that you will always get a quality result. Attention to detail, extraordinary content, technical precision and a strong focus on your brand will ensure you are represented online in a positive and effective way.