Amie McKenzie

Content Specialist
amie mckenzie bio

Amie’s love of writing began in the pre-digital age where she was an avid letter writer to her many family members who lived far away. The joy of receiving written communication and the excitement of writing on brand new stationary set her up for a lifetime of fascination with the written word. In university the (countless) three page essays she madly typed at 11pm the night before they were due convinced her that not all writing needed to be on paper and her focus shifted to digital communication. Fast forward a number of years and with a breath of experience spanning hospitality, accounting, science, health, sales and parenting Amie landed in the beautiful Bay of Plenty where she quickly fell in love with the area and the people who live here.

Amie loves a challenge and learning new skills which makes her the obvious choice for an all-rounder in the office. From content creation, back end website development and scheduling to the more technical behind the scenes work Amie is always eager to have her finger in many pies. “I love the diversity, every day is exciting and presents a new challenge. It keeps me interested and engaged and I love to bring that problem solving, out of the box thinking to play for our clients”.

When Amie isn’t at work you can find her running a military operation at home with her husband, three kids, two dogs and her garden. She is passionate about the environment, sustainability and green initiatives. She is an avid traveller who is itching to get on a plane, but is currently enjoying showing her kids more of the beautiful country they live in.

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