Emily Bodman

Content Marketing and Social Media Specialist
Emily Bodman

With a degree in Marketing and a love for writing, Emily puts her skills to good use at High Profile Enterprises. Creating content for our clients is what Emily loves to do most in her role. She writes for several different clients and covers many different topics on a daily basis.

Emily manages a number of different social media strategies and delivers daily content across a variety of platforms. She takes the time to research content for sharing to ensure clients are continuously engaging their social media audiences.

Emily also uses her technical skills to optimise Google My Business profiles, helping clients put their best foot forward from the first moment they’re searched for.

Having grown up in sunny Papamoa when it was just a little undiscovered beach town, Emily is always happiest near the coast. After a five-year stint in Wellington and a trip around the world, Emily settled back in Papamoa with her husband and three children.

Emily’s kids keep her on her toes. But if there’s ever a window, she gets involved in musical theatre and makes use of her love for singing and dancing.

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