Gary Ireland

SEO and Content Marketing Specialist
Gary Ireland

With experience in everything from graphic design to teenage counseling, Gary finally settled on writing as his main weapon of choice.

“I love learning about new topics, and the best part of this job is researching articles. One day it could be on tattoo removal, the next on the physics of how solar panels work. I love it.

The challenging part is taking all that research and putting it into plain and simple terms for a website article; making it readable yet informative.

But writing is just one part of this job, which is why I love it so much. It’s hard to get bored with so many irons in the fire. If I’m not researching an article, I’m on Social Media, or working behind the scenes to optimise a site for Google’s latest algorithms.  I learn something new every day, and each day brings with it new challenges.”

Gary’s time at art college comes in handy as he’s also the company’s “photoshop guy”. Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, he spent many years travelling the world, but decided New Zealand was the place for him.

“This country has everything. The landscape, the people, the culture… I’ve felt at home here since day one. And now I’ve a kid on the way, I’ve no intentions of leaving!”

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