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HPE – A global reputation

For a small agency with its head office in Ohope Beach, we punch well above our weight when it comes to SEO based content marketing strategies. We were the first New Zealand agency to be listed as a recommended agency by the Content Marketing Institute in New York. We are also one of only two New Zealand agencies recommended by Chief Content Officer Magazine and Midge Hand is one of only about 50 people worldwide who have achieved Copyblogger Media Content Marketing certification.

So you are in good hands.

What makes content marketing such a powerful way to grow your business results?

Content marketing is a unique approach to building your reputation for expertise, trust, leadership, technical ability, creativity and innovation. Combined with SEO and a focused social media strategy your potential brand reach and quality is improved significantly.

This enhanced visibility grows your audience and results in more leads and more sales.

We custom design content marketing strategies for a very wide range of business niches and as a core strategy, content marketing is responsible for a lot of business growth.

We have a team of specialist writers and researchers with expertise across many fields and they work closely with you to craft content that does your brand justice. Content that will engage your prospective customers. Content that will inform, entertain, enlighten in a tone of voice that is appropriate for your business.

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Identifying relevant targets

An important first step is to identify what your potential customers are interested in. What will lead them to take action? How can we create content that has high value to your audience? What are the numbers like on Google Search for the topic area? This means every piece of content works for you.

Content Optimisation

Once we have a target and we have done the copywriting groundwork the next step is to optimise the page for search. We have a series of steps that ensure your piece of content will rank well for the targeted phrases. Without these steps your content will be almost invisible online.


Every piece of content we produce and optimise must have a purpose. What is the action you would like the visitor to take? Is it to purchase or to contact you? Is it to subscribe or download a document? Is it to find out more about your services or products? Is it to share with their networks? Having a strong call-to-action ensures you get results.

Content Promotion

Creation and publishing is not the end of the process. Powerful promotion strategies include shares on our HPE social media channels which have a combined following of more than 120,000 people. The content will also be submitted to Google for indexing and will be pinged to a number of other search engines.

Search engine optimisation

Without a high level of expertise in SEO, your content will be almsot invisible on Google. We have ten years of SEO experience and recognition for our advanced techniques by some of the largest SEO media organisations in the world.

Web copywriting

Is your content engaging? Entertaining or informative? Well structured and enjoyable? Our team of researchers and writers have experience creating content for many, many niche areas. Your business niche could be the next.

Tone of voice

Allow us to craft content in a tone of voice that is relevant and appropriate for your business and your industry. Communicate clearly with your prospective customers or clients.

Paid social promotion

Paid social media offers huge reach potential for your content and it can be laser targeted to reach customers in specific locations, with specific jobs, interests or education.

Other content

Want to supplement your content marketing with other digital formats? Video, images infographics, interactive media and more can lift your brand performance.

Work with us

Working with us is just a click or a phone call away. Find out how we can create a customised content marketing strategy for your business. Start by contacting us today.

Content marketing is a buzzword for a reason

Content marketing is an extremely powerful way to grow your business reputation, demonstrate your expertise, inform and convert potential customers, grow your website visitor numbers and improve your revenue results. What are you waiting for?

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The team at High Profile Enterprises, and especially the directors, have been instrumental in helping transform TrinityP3 into a world renowned marketing management consultancy. Without their strategy, hard work and discipline the success we enjoy would still be a dream…
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