Google Ads and Paid Search

How to get your business into the top spots on Google

Get better results for your Google Ads

Our approach to Google Ads and Paid Search is to ensure you are getting the maximum return for your investment. Our team of experts are continually improving your campaigns by testing ad copy, adjusting keyword targeting and working hard on getting your cost per acquisition down.

We are also completely transparent with what we are doing and how it benefits you. Our reporting and communication is simple to follow and we are available to discuss how we can improve your results.

Why Google Ads?

Google Ads, also known as Pay Per Click advertising, is a highly effective digital marketing platform to get in front of your target audience while they’re in the market for your offering.

You have seen the top positions in Google Search with “Ad” next to them. These are the paid positions that we can bid for. We can get your business into these lucrative spots.

Keywords and targeting

The first step is to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business, who your clients or customers are and what you offer that meets their needs.

This helps us to target the most profitable keywords for your business and ensure you’re showing when your potential customers are looking. We’ll work with you to find the keywords that have the best return on investment.

Display and Remarketing

As well as search advertising, we also offer display advertising through the Google network. This is a great way to build brand awareness and to remarket to previous website visitors. Display ads are shown across a wide range of websites that have partnered with Google (e.g. Stuff, NZ Herald, TradeMe, Metservice etc) and you’re only charged if someone clicks on the ad!

Transparency and reporting

We aim to be completely transparent. Our reporting is comprehensive but easy to understand. We share the important metrics – ones that prove you are getting a return on your investment. You own your Google Ads account and this means you can monitor your results directly and if you ever want to move to another supplier, it is easy to move.  Unlike some agencies, we don’t add a margin to your media spend. You pay Google directly for your ad spend.

Why use us?

Google qualified consultants

Skilled ad copywriters

Comprehensive reporting

Great communicators

No set contracts

No added margin

Increase or decrease click budget

We assess your current strategy

Affordable management fees

Coordinate with your SEO strategy

Google Ads

Google Ads or Pay Per Click advertising can be a valuable addition to your marketing strategy. Combined with SEO it is a targeted and cost effective way to advertise your business. It gives you immediate visibility while we are building your organic presence.

Google Display Network

Tap into Google’s millions of display partners including Trademe, Stuff, TVNZ, the NZ Herald, Newshub and many others. Image, text and video ads can be shown on a huge number of possible websites. Display and Ads are useful partners.


Targeting those that have visited your website but have not taken action. This is a good avenue to push an offer or a discount in order to encourage them back to your site. 

Conversion Tracking

We’ll ensure we’re tracking the important actions on your website (form submits, transactions, emails etc) and report on what keywords are generating the most results. 

Search engine marketing

Paid search is an effective way to get in front of potential customers when the intent is there. Showing to the right people at the right time in order to get the best results for your money. 

Cirtex Industries Testimonial

We have been using Mike and the team at High Profile Enterprises for some time now and have had excellent results in website performance as a result. Mike has exceptional technical knowledge of the social media and web marketing industry and can help you direct your efforts to get the best results.
Richard Judd – Managing Director


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