Keyword research

Understand what your customers really want

Don’t miss out on valuable business

Do you feel like you have done all the right things with your website? But there is a niggling feeling that your potential customers are still having trouble finding it?

Keyword research is the bridge to your customers.

Understand what they are actually searching for on Google. Find out whether the language they use to describe your products or services is what you think it is. And most importantly, find out whether there is actually a reasonable amount of demand for what your business does.

We use several highly sophisticated tools to gain a complete understanding of search behaviour. We go down the rabbit hole and keep going until we have generated a useful amount of data to assist with focusing your web efforts.

We use this to gather business insights and to optimise or advise on strategy.

Relevance is the key here. Thousands of searches per month for a phrase that is not 100% descriptive of your products or services is a waste of your time and money. Getting relevance exactly right will ensure your conversion rate is a healthy one.

Competition is also a primary consideration. If your phrase is dominated by large industry sites, government, medical, answers, dictionary meanings or other authority results you will need to move to the next option.

Keyword research


Improve your website targeting page by page. Ensure you are actually reaching your potential customers or clients.

Website optimisation

Align your content and metadata with phrases that will help your website to perform well and increase your sales.

Identify opportunities

Real insights to inform where you should be focusing your content marketing strategy. Improve your effectiveness.

Content Marketing

Use behaviour insights to understand trends in your industry and adjust strategy to take advantage of change.

Accurate insights on customer behaviour

This is where you get to have a window into the world of your customers. How can you be the answer to exactly what they are looking for? We can help.

Step Change Marketing Testimonial

Step Change Marketing works with more than 70 a businesses a year, generating most of our new business through events. In the past, we all but ignored our web presence. We engaged High Profile Enterprises to build our web presence and drive traffic. High Profile Enterprises were able to take content and materials we already had prepared and build a content strategy around it, making it easy for us to get started. The optimisation and content delivery was very successful, leading to an 316% increase in traffic to the website.
Adam Long – General Manager


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Quick to respond

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