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    There is no doubt that Google supplies excellent opportunities to grow sales, leads and brand visibility. The number of people who use Google every day to research products, to get answers to their questions, to find businesses to work with, is simply hard to comprehend.

    And the highest quality source of business is Google Organic.

    This is where SEO or search engine optimisation comes to the fore.

    An expert SEO strategy will not only bring you new business, it will supply customers or clients that are already looking for what you do.

    This is where we can help.

    We have been working in the SEO field for 15 years. And we have been recognised globally for our work by some of the biggest marketing organisations on the planet.

    Our approach is all about you. How can we help you to achieve your goals?

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    How does it work?

    We don’t offer “packages”. Every project we work on is customised to bring you the best possible results. Every business or organisation is different, so why would you expect that there would be a set approach that could be bundled together in an A, B or C package?

    The first step is to gain in-depth understanding of your business, your goals, your competition, your market, your resources and your USPs.

    Then we can design your SEO strategy based on what you want to achieve.

    Transparency and ethical implementation are the cornerstones of our work. We have seen far too many SEO service suppliers who use smoke and mirrors and jargon to hide the fact that they are not giving their clients value. Or even worse, many are damaging their clients’ reputations with shoddy or even dangerous tactics.

    Our track record speaks for itself. Most of our clients have been with us for years. They stay with us because we bring them growth every year and we take the “scary” out of the online space. We are your partners, your advisors and your strategists. Your success is our success.

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    SEO is not a box of magic tricks. Yes, even we get those emails offering the top spots on Google followed by a list of problems with your website and a range of dubious tactics. This is not SEO.

    SEO is a comprehensive marketing approach that aligns to Google’s many technical requirements, branding and PR, excellent unique content and a process of testing, monitoring and adjustment.

    It has the potential to add an impressive amount of growth to your business.

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    Website Optimisation

    Correct optimisation of your website pages looks at a number of optimisation points. Getting each of these right is extremely important and is one of the key areas to help you rank on Google and the other search engines.


    Ensure you are targeting searches that are not only highly relevant to your business, but are going to bring your potential customers or clients. We laser target each page we work on to get you the highest quality website visitors.

    Technical SEO

    Welcome to the highly specialised world of technical SEO. This is where we can separate you from the basic approach offered by many SEO practitioners. Incremental wins here make all the difference.

    Link acquisition

    Whatever you do, don’t fall for those offers of high PR backlinks. This is a particularly risky area and a penalty is very hard to come back from. We are fastidious about adhering to Google’s guidelines in this area.

    Keyword research

    Understand exactly what your prospective customers are looking for. We use a range of tools to dig down on search behaviour so we can ensure you are not wasting your investment on the wrong targets.

    Content marketing

    A fully developed content marketing strategy will elevate your website above your competitors. Quality, uniqueness, comprehensiveness, optimisation and value will drive your results forward.

    Regular audits

    Audits will keep your strategy on track by making sure that technical errors or problems are not limiting your results.


    You need to know what's working and what needs adjustment. Our comprehensive reports give you insights into important metrics.

    Social signals

    Big brands get preference on Google in many cases. And big brands have active and engaged social media strategies.

    Indexing on Google

    As part of any content strategy, getting new content indexed quickly and ranking well is part of the SEO process.

    Your brief introduction to search engine optimisation

    This is a quick look at how HPE approaches SEO. We are not about tricks or hacks. We focus on reputation, quality, value and strategy. We present your best side to the world using our technical and creative skills.

    TrinityP3 Marketing Management Consultants Testimonial

    SEO is an area where I have seen many suppliers blind clients with science and mystery around the search engine algorithms to justify large sums of money. Whilst the algorithms are ever-changing, Mike and his HPE Team bring a pragmatic, no-nonsence and deeply knowledgable approach to client challenges at a cost-effective price tag. If you’re looking for practical solutions that actually make a difference to your organic ranking, then I highly recommend getting in touch.
    Anton Buchner – Senior Consultant


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