SEO during development

Nail the effectiveness of your new website

Website development is a critical time to get your SEO right

Don’t wait until it is too late to consider management of SEO on your new website. Launching a new website without careful SEO management will inevitably lead to a drop in performance on Google. Simple ommissions or errors have the potential to damage your organic search standing and performance so ensure you have someone on board to look after the technical stuff.

Your developer may have already said they will look after this aspect or they might add on a fee for SEO.

However, in our experience, very few have the level of expertise required to make sure your results post-launch are as good or better than previous numbers.

You can read a full breakdown of what we cover in this service here.

Website review

Does your new website meet best practice for ranking well on Google? Are there any technical, navigational or user experience issues that will hinder your results?

301 redirect management

This is a critical part of a successful launch. A full domain crawl will enable us to manage every single URL associated with your website. Don’t miss this one.


Does your new CMS inadvertently offer duplicate versions of pages through taxonomies, archives or pagination? This will negatively affect performance.


Every page on a website needs well-crafted, guidelines compliant metadata. This is an area that is often poorly managed and will affect outcomes significantly.

URL audit

Do your URLs meet Google's recommendations or do you have some of the common errors that can affect your website performance?

Heading tags

These are often used by developers for aesthetic reasons but they actually have a much more important SEO benefit when handled correctly.

Open Graph Tags

How will your pages look when shared on social media? Will the correct image, title and description show up? Will it look great?

Content review

Is there enough content to demonstrate value to Google? Is it well-structured and is it unique, interesting, valuable and of good quality?

We work closely with your developers

We have worked on a very large number of website development projects on a wide range of content management systems. This is a collaborative process and we work closely with your developers to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

The Park Hotel Ruapehu Testimonial

We have used HPE for several years now both on our current hotel and our previous one. They were very helpful in advising us and working with our web designers in establishing a completely new site. Now up and running the primary focus is on SEO but they have also been involved in creating web content and handling all our social media marketing for us. They are a great team to work with and we get regular, useful reporting info.
Mark Sandiford – Owner


Highly skilled



Quick to respond

Attention to detail

Business focused



Recognised and awarded