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It’s tough to stay up to date with what is happening with the web.

Google Search alone makes at least 500 changes to the search algorithm every year. And gone are the days where they announce the changes and reasons for the changes on the Google Webmaster blog.

Content marketing has become more complex due to the requirements of search engines and multiple changes to social media platforms. And social media remains an area of great mystery to many businesses.

You need a presentation or workshop where the speaker knows how to make the complex simple. How to take complicated concepts and break them down in simple language and in an easy to digest format so the participants or audience are not overwhelmed.

Techno-babble and jargon are out.

What is in is a focus on giving value that your team can take away. Value that will improve their performance and improve the business as a whole.

Mike Morgan has presented at Eastern Bay Chamber of Commerce events, TrinityP3 Marketing Management conferences, The NZ Veterinary conference, Probus Whakatane and has presented to client teams on SEO, content marketing, social media and new technologies and their applications in marketing.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Demystify the complex world of search engines, Gain an understanding of how Google really works and how you can use this opportunity better.

Content Marketing

Find out the secrets to creating an expert team and a reputation as industry leaders and innovators with content marketing.

Social media

Take advantage of social media for business visibility, communications, reputation management, engagement, customer service and more.

Web marketing

A holistic view of web marketing. How SEO, content marketing, social media and branding work together to deliver revenue growth.

Invest in your team

Struggling to stay up with everything that is going on in the digital world? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Do your team a favour by having a web marketing expert share their knowledge in an easy to understand format.

Testimonial from Anecdote – Putting Stories to Work

Keeping a high profile on the web is vital these days. Mike and his team at High Profile Enterprises are our amplifiers. Without them our blog posts, videos, tweets and much, much more would disappear into a black hole never to be seen by people who might care about our work. We’ve seen our reach and impact increase significantly from working with HPE. If you want to be noticed on the web I highly recommend you have a chat with them.
Shawn Callahan – Founder


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