Web copywriting

Words are magic!

Quality is everything in web content. What’s your quality level?

Content writing – you either get it or you don’t.

It is definitely not as simple as many would have you believe. There are multiple considerations before you even hit the first key and missing these will render your content dull, misguided or useless.

Each business market will have requirements for technical language or lack of, for tone and familiarity, for level of sell, for level of share and for personalisation.

What we find interesting is how many businesses are just creating content because they have been told it is a good thing but have no idea what that means.

This is why we end up with so much generic, dull, similar content that lacks spark or value.

Our team of writers have developed highly specialised skills. Research, content structure, SEO, creating a narrative, incorporating a call-to-action, engaging with the reader, offering value and doing it in a way that build trust are all elements we focus on.

And this is customised for each client based on the criteria above.

Unique, valuable, high quality, articulate, interesting, engaging and memorable is where we go with each piece.

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Your expertise

A big part of what we do is to take the expertise your team has and create effective content to share with your market. The process is simple. Whether you want to supply comprehensive information or some simple guidelines we can create the right content that will get the right results.


Far too much content is created for the web without consideration for the search engines that will be delivering it. Content without SEO is doomed to reach no one. It will unfortunately be a waste of your time and resources so ensure you have SEO covered by working with a team of specialists.

Website content

Each page type on your website requires a unique approach to content creation. Service pages are quite different to ecommerce product pages. Functional pages such as the About Us, Contact or informational pages require a different approach again. Get your content working for you.

Content Marketing and blog posts

This is where you really get to demonstrate your high levels of expertise. It is where you engage with and grow an audience. It is where you get to guide your readers toward specific actions. Blog posts are not short, sharp observations. They are researched, considered and powerful.

Tone of voice

What tone of voice is appropriate for your brand? Is it professional and serious? Is it technical and more complex? Is it friendly, enlightening and engaging? Remember, your business is unique.


How strong is your introduction? Do your headings offer easy scanning to precise points in the content? Is the conclusion and call-to-action effective? Is your title impossible to ignore? Do you have the right media?

Spelling and grammar

Mistakes in spelling or grammar are extremely unprofessional. Proofing is very important as errors will damage your reputation. They will also lead to many leaving the page before completion.

How can we help?

We have a highly skilled team ready to assist with your content project. Each writer has a lot of experience with all of the elements discussed on this page. Talk to us now!

Big projects and small projects

We have done the lot. Written content for large websites, created content for hundreds of product pages, written major awards entries, researched and created blog content for dozens of clients and have crafted powerful and effective homepages and landing pages for many new websites.


We can take the stress out of your web content creation.

Legacy Accountants Testimonial

HPE is just like every other company … they tell you how they can help you grow your business. The difference is they follow through and deliver amazing product to grow your business on time every time. We have been working with the team at HPE to help us deliver the website our business deserves – amazing content from a team that are easy to work with and down to earth.
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Attention to detail

Business focused



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