Website Audit Full Outline

What you get in our SEO and Web Presence audit

Website audits are an important first step

The HPE website audit is a comprehensive look at every important technical aspect of your website as well as a complete evaluation of your content and strategic work. The report will be more than 4,000 words of in-depth analysis with screenshots and simple language explanations about why each of the areas reviewed are important.

This is followed by a session where we take you through the report so you understand what we are recommending and why it will help with your business performance.

Technical performance

The technical performance of your website is very important to Google. This has a strong influence on how well you perform in organic search. Most of this is based on Google’s desire to present websites to their searchers that will give them good user experience. Websites with lots of errors, that are slow to load, that have frustrating features or are missing key elements are likely to perform badly.

The purpose of this part of our report is to give you the lowdown on how your website performs in Google’s eyes. This will create a solid foundation to create content, evolve your social media strategy and to deliver a trusted and authoritative web presence.

These are the technical areas we analyse:

  • Website organic performance
  • Google index coverage
  • Competitive analysis
  • Mobile usability
  • Manual actions and security
  • Backlinks
  • Search query performance
  • Branded search
  • Sitemaps
  • Structured data
  • txt
  • Pagespeed
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Image optimisation
  • Heading tags
  • Metadata
  • Targeting
  • Open Graph Tags
  • Analytics

Strategic performance

The second set of criteria Google looks at relate to your strategy. This covers E.A.T (expertise, authority and trustworthiness) and includes your website content, content marketing strategy, social media and social proof.

We take a detailed look at the following:

  • Social media performance and strategy
  • Website content – navigation, accuracy, completeness, quality, structure, visual appeal, internal links, calls-to-action
  • Content marketing – your blog strategy effectiveness
  • Social proof – this can include case studies, reviews, testimonials, social media presence, media mentions, partners, supporting brands, awards and recognition and more


The report summary brings the corrections and recommendations together for ease of action. There will be a list of technical corrections and we can advise on who is best equipped to mitigate these issues (your developer or HPE).

There will be a list of strategic recommendations which will give you a blueprint to improve your content, your online marketing and how you are seen by others on the web.

The combination of technical and strategic improvements will bring you significantly improved website performance leading to greater visibility, improved reputation and growth in leads and sales over time as each recommendation is implemented.

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Because you don’t know what you don’t know

Do you suspect that your website could be doing better but you can’t work out where the problems are? Or do you wonder whether your social media or content marketing efforts are effective? Get the answers with one of our comprehensive audits.

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