Website Audits

Need to improve your website and strategic performance?

A truly comprehensive audit

Our website audits leave no stone unturned.

We look at every possible technical detail and analyse your content, your social media strategy, social proof, website performance, SEO and much more.

At the end we will take you through our comprehensive report and help you to put together a plan to significantly improve your website and business results.

Your website might be hurting your business

Even the smallest mistakes can have a negative impact on your website visitor numbers and this in turn has an effect on your business results. And when you layer error upon error this can significantly hurt your performance.

So, it makes sense to ensure you have a high performance, optimised website and a strategy that will bring you growth.

This is where we can help.

Our website audits are not a tool driven, press button report like many others out there. Our reports and analysis are comprehensive – around 25 pages and 4,000 words and screenshots explaining our findings in easy to understand language.

We painstakingly analyse every technical aspect, every optimisation opportunity, your targeting strategy, website and blog content, product pages and ecommerce, your content marketing and social media strategies and social proof.

The report will offer an invaluable foundation to build your online business.

At the end of this detailed process we offer a series of technical and strategic recommendations so you can improve your business performance. We explain in plain English what it all means and make recommendations on priorities and where to next.

Who are we?

We are a small but highly skilled agency with 15 years experience in the fields of SEO, content marketing and social media and we have been recognised by some of the biggest SEO and content marketing organisations in the world. We know our stuff.

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Technical SEO

This is the rocket science bit. Understanding Google’s requirements and implementing advanced SEO on a website brings big benefits in performance. Very few website developers are up with all of these elements. Let us analyse and make recommendations to improve your website performance.

Targeting and optimisation

We look closely at your potential customers’ search behaviour so we can ensure you are targeting actual searchers (real customers) that are relevant and valuable to your business. Is your website optimised for the correct content themes and targets? Does the optimisation follow Google’s guidelines?

Structure and content

Every page of website content needs to follow fundamental principles. Length, headings, images and media, metadata, User Experience and calls-to-action are some of the key areas we will look at closely. Maximise both performance in search and conversion to sales.

Content marketing

Do you get the feeling that you are publishing content on your Blog but no one cares? Perhaps you are not sure whether you are creating content about the right topics or maybe you are unsure about optimisation? Let us help you to get better results.

Social media

There is a lot of “unsocial” social media management out there. Many agencies are mechanically posting on pages with very little engagement, no reach and with small audiences. We can give you actionable insights to improve performance.

Risky strategies

Unfortunately, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing when it comes to SEO. If you have worked with someone who breaks any of Google’s rules it can take a lot of hard work to recover. But, manipulative practice can be undone.

CMS issues

Your Content Management System may not comply with Google's guidelines. Important elements like URLs, metadata, heading tags may be causing issues with your website performance.

Mobile optimisation

Mobile use is growing spectacularly and Google has a strong focus on mobile experience. Is your site optimised for mobile? Does it load instantly and does it deliver what a user is looking for?


No one likes waiting for a website to load. This is so important that Google will be less likely to present your website at the top of their results if your website is slow. Make sure you make the grade.

Crawl errors

You might be surprised to learn that Google has a large number of pages indexed from your domain that go to a Page Not Found (also known as a 404) result. This is bad for your users and harms your SEO.

Search queries

What are the top organic phrases people are using on Google to find your website and business? Are they relevant? Are they conversion focused? Are they going to drive sales? How does your brand perform technically and visually?


This can be a website performance killer. Does the same content appear on several pages of your website or does it appear on other sites in much the same format? Is your CMS causing metadata duplication problems?


Good or bad? Are the sites linking to your website reputable or irrelevant? Is there any evidence of non-compliant link building? Google have an update referred to as the Penguin Update and this penalises non-compliant behaviour.

Social proof

This is where you get to convince prospective customers. These trust signals are driven by reviews, testimonials, large business connections or partners, suppliers, big media and more. People will be looking for these demonstrations of trust.

A full audit is the first step to improving your results

Without an efficient, effective, high performance foundation you will struggle to achieve your business and marketing goals. Attention to detail is the key here and a fastidious approach to correction and improvement will pay dividends for years to come.

Angle Limited Testimonial

I first worked with HPE when designing and developing a new website for one of our clients. We needed a true SEO expert to consult with at key stages and Mike and his team came highly recommended. I can see why now. They respond quickly, they don’t use jargon and they provide sound, practical advice on all SEO matters that really get results. Since that initial project I have commissioned HPE for a full SEO audit on our own website and help with implementing the recommendations. Highly recommended!
Rob Holloway – Creative Director


Highly skilled



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