Content highlights for August from HPE

Every month we look back on the previous month’s work and pick out some of the best content we’ve created for our clients and their customers.

July’s content highlights from HPE

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June Content Highlights 2021

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Content Marketing Highlights May 2021

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What does E.A.T. in SEO mean and why is it important

E.A.T. in SEO affects how Google positions your website in search. If your website lacks E.A.T. you might not even show up at all. Here’s why.

Content Highlights April 2021

Content is an excellent way to engage your audience by discussing different topics and current trends in your industry. Find out more.

What is clickbait and why you should avoid it

Clickbait is content crafted for ‘clicks’. Yes it can drive traffic to your website but if it’s not genuine it can be damaging too. Find out more here.

Take a look at our content strategy highlights for March 2021

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Is your website fast enough for Google’s Page Experience Update?

The Page Experience Update is coming to Google soon and most websites will not meet the new requirements. How can you make your website ready?

How can you improve your online customer experience?

Online customer experiences can feel like navigating a minefield as it’s a subject that is complex and full of problems. Find out more here.